• Lone Stars Read "A Long to Walk to Water"

    The teacher will conduct a guided reading of "A Long Walk to Water" as we study life in Africa. This fiction novel will allow students to make personal connections about what children their ages might have experienced during this time period, as well as engage them in learning about events that have happened in Africa.

    Lindsey - Jennifer Smith

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  • Time for Kids

    Time Magazine will provide our second grade students with access to engaging nonfiction texts that cover a wide range of real world topics and current events. These weekly magazines will help students develop their reading and critical thinking skills, while helping them to develop their vocabulary and schema.

    Bolin - Emily Barrett

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  • TIME is Knowledge

    The entire Reed student body will benefit from Time for Kids magazine and Around the World magazine. Each class will be able to use the materials during social studies or reading times to read and study current events, non-fiction articles, graphs, charts, photos, and timetables. They will be able to develop their visual literacy, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. They will also learn about people and places around the world. Through this magazine, students will not only gain valuable skills in literacy but will start developing an understanding of, and empathy for, others.

    Reed - Barbara Dill

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