• Hands-On Tasks

    Hands-On Tasks is a program that is evidence based, uses task analysis-small steps, is visually supported, and contains rubrics to monitor progress.  These are activities that will help students with special needs learn the skills they need to be productive in the work force.

    Lowery - Kathy Phillips

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  • Increasing Reading Performance Rate in SPED Students

    Moby Max finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning. Moby Max's  adaptive curriculum creates an individualized education plan for each student ensuring that students get the extra instruction they need. Moby Curriculum teaches students to be better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and creative geniuses with thousands of cognitive skill manipulatives.

    Lowery - Ray Klodzinski

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  • Otters at Play

    Since our students at Olson Elementary in the Life Skills program are medically fragile, our vision is for our students is to be actively engaged. The multi-sensory gym equipment will allow them be physically involved at all times. For example, the swing will facilitate motor control and other equipment will promote coordination and positioning.

    Olson - Sandy Cervantes

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  • Peanuts for Processing

    Peanut shaped sensory ball helps students stay focused while releasing excess energy. The release of energy helps with the focus and processing of the task at hand!

    Chandler - Shayne Williams

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  • Read to Succeed

    The grant will provide second and third grade reading materials in the resource classroom. These books will be used for use in the classroom and for students to take home for additional reading practice with parents.

    Marion - Jamie Sutherland

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  • Sensory Equipment

    Sensory equipment is part of the everyday academic and behavioral programming for students with autism or who have autistic-like tendencies. The sensory equipment will help the students balance their daily sensory needs with progress in academic tasks and social skills development.

    Lowery - Teresa Segerstrom

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  • The Movie Project

    Every Functional English class at Allen High School participates in writing and performing their part of the Movie Project. Each student is involved in writing and performing their part of the movie and then sees themselves up on the screen in the Movie Project. This grant will help provide basic costuming and props for next year's production, which will be Silent Movies: Fairy Tales.

    Allen High School - Lynn Klodzinski

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  • Will You Be My Buddy?

    At 3, 4, and 5 years old, we are learning what it means to be a good friend. The Buddy Bench is a great tool to give all of our Early Childhood students a way to meet new friends and to learn how to ask a friend to play! We want to be able to teach our students the importance of inclusion and kindness!

    Rountree - Erin Chambers

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  • Wobble Chairs in the DEAR Classroom

    Our classroom has several students that have sensory needs and, therefore, they have a hard time sitting still. These wobble chairs will allow students to be more successful by meeting their sensory needs and allowing them to focus on academics.

    Reed - Toinette Tillinghast

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  • Working Toward Independence

    Through the "Working Toward Independence" project, Special Education students at AHS develop a variety of skills leading to more independence both in the home and community. They plan meals, grocery shop, and cook as well as eat out at restaurants. The positive outcomes for students and families in terms of increased independence, self-esteem, and more meaningful participation in home and community life has been amazing.

    Allen High School - Kelly Brown

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