Welcome to the Clinic
    Name: Joanna Stageberg, BSN, RN
    Phone: 972-727-0580
    To Leave a Voicemail:  972-908-0600, Ext. 0920 
    Email: Joanna.Stageberg@allenisd.org        


    Allen ISD Nurses
    Mission Statement

    The mission of Registered Nurses in Allen ISD is to provide professional nursing care and to promote a safe and healthy environment that contributes to academic success.

    My name is Joanna Stageberg, BSN, RN and I am the school nurse at Reed Elementary.  
    I believe that it is my responsibility to care for the children so they are able to maximize their learning time in the classroom.  I realize that your children are as important to you as mine are to me so I take great pride in providing care for our students for which each parent can feel confident.


    As a nurse it is my job to assess the needs of each student that comes to my clinic.  In my assessment I look at the child’s condition and must determine if it warrants a phone call to their parent or if it requires time away from the classroom.    


    When you have any questions or concerns I encourage you to contact me through e-mail at Joanna.Stageberg@allenisd.org or by phone at 972-727-0580.  The responsibilities of school nurses have evolved and are ever-changing.  A typical day involves caring for ill students, injuries, students with long term medical needs, administration of daily medications, and student screenings.  During a common day I stay pretty busy so contacting me via e-mail is typically the most effective way to reach me.  If you do call and reach my voicemail please feel free to leave a message and I will return it as time allows or at the end of the day. 


    Communication is the key to providing the best care for each student.  It is imperative that I know of the individual needs of students at our school.  If your child has an illness, allergy, or medical condition I ask that you communicate that to me immediately.  Additionally, I would appreciate that each parent ensures that they have the Emergency Contact information up to date for their child.  
Last Modified on May 21, 2019