‘About Ms. Pyle’


    January 27

    Favorite Color

    Neutral colors (grays, browns, blacks, white), yellow, or pink

    Favorite Restaurant(s)

    Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Chuy's, Torchy's Tacos, Starbucks

    Favorite Snack(s)

    Chocolate chip cookies, Fruit, candy (like sour patch kids, jelly beans, plain M&Ms, etc). **(Allergic to Tree Nuts)

    Favorite Soft Drink(s)

    Sonic Cherry Limeade or Sweet Tea

    Favorite Specialty Coffee/Tea

    Sweet Tea, Not a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos!

    Favorite Shopping Spot(s)

    Target, Amazon, Old Navy, TJ Maxx/Home Goods/Marshall's, Dillard’s, LOFT Outlet, GAP

    Favorite Flower(s)

    Peonies, Orchids, Tulips

    Favorite Author

    Nicholas Sparks, Children’s Book Authors

    In my spare time I like to…

     Travel as much as possible, spend time with family and friends, watch movies, go shopping, exercise, read, play with my dog!