• At our favorite place...Jimmy John's

    Mrs. DeBusk's Deep Sea Creatures

    Room #101

    Conference Time:  8:05-8:45am




    Welcome to DeBusk's Deep Sea Creatures!  I am so excited that we get to spend the whole year learning together.  I previously taught every grade from 2nd-7th, took many years off to raise my 5 children, and came back last year teaching 1st grade.  While so many things have changed in education during that time, my love for children and helping them to grow, has not!  

    I have been married to Ben for 31 years.  We met in college in San Marcos, TX, and quickly after graduation he went into the Air Force.  We have 5 children:  Bailey (28), Darby (20), Kally (17), Rainey (15), and Rawley (12).  Bailey lives in central Texas with her husband of one year, Charles.  Our other 4 children live with us here in Allen.  Darby is a junior in college, Kally is a junior at Allen High School, Rainey is a freshman at the Freshman Center, and Rawley is entering 7th grade at Ford Middle School.  

    Ben is a pastor in Plano and we enjoy our free time together.  He brings lunch to me each Friday and we have weekly Saturday date days!  We have had many adventures in our married life including living in Italy for 2 1/2 years.  But where we are now, and what we are doing now, is our greatest adventure to date!


    My great family before Charles came into our lives  My daughter, Bailey, and her husband, Charles Learning how to make pasta My kiddos The wedding