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    Fact Practice

    Addition Games

    The more you practice, the quicker and more accurate you will become with your math facts! There are lots of fun games to choose from. You'll need earbuds or mute your sound if you are playing these games in class :-)

    Subtraction Games

    Subtraction is just the inverse of addition. Practice your facts with any of these games. You'll need earbuds or mute your sound if you are playing these games in class :-)

    Multiplication Games

    Lots of games to choose from that will help you practice your multiplication facts! You'll need earbuds or mute your sound if you are playing these games in class :-) 

    Use the link above, or try these specific games:

    Division Games

    Are you up for the challenge of the inverse of multiplication? Sure you are!! Practice while having fun and you'll get quicker at fact recall.  You'll need earbuds or mute your sound if you are playing these games in class :-)

    Place Value

    Build the Bigger Number!

    Can you create the larger number using the random digits given to you by the computer?

    Comparing Numbers

    Compare two numbers using the <, >, or = signs. Scroll down to select the range of numbers you want to compare from the drop down menu. 


    Count the money!

    This will give you practice adding up coins and bills. Don't forget to put a decimal point between the whole dollars and the cents!

    Money Metropolis 

    Can you budget your money? Accept jobs in the neighborhood to earn enough for goals that you choose.


    Try Get Real! to find out about fixed and variable expenses. How will you do living on your own? Rent an apartment, get a job, and see if you can still reach your financial and personal goals!

    In a second game, Lemonade Stand, you can attempt to become a neighborhood tycoon. Watch out for supply and demand, as well as the weather!


    Problem Solving

    Thinking Blocks



    Computer Coding


    Can you solve all the puzzles by coding properly?

    Candy Quest 

    This is a tutorial to help you become familiar with coding using blocks. 

    Design your own candy troll character and go on a multi-level quest for candy to help your character find its way home. You'll solve coding puzzles to navigate your character through the human world while avoiding obstacles and collecting gumdrops and mints.

    Code Crazy Creatures

    Create creatures in this introduction to using Blockly Editor. 

    Join Alex and Lonnie as they learn about coding by creating fun, interactive pictures. Learn about sequence, loops, events, and actions as you create crazy creatures in this exciting adventure!


    Learn to program drones and a high tech sleigh with coding magic to capture presents and navigate down the mountain to return Christmas to Whoville.


    Moana Goes Fishing

    Help Moana fish by maneuvering her boat.

    Food Avengers 

    Help Robot Ross serve his customers at RoboRestaurant.

    Run Marco

    Travel the world with Marco!

    Snoopy SnowBrawl

    This site has two activities.