Privilege Period FAQs

  • What is a privilege period?

    Formerly known as off periods, privilege periods are opportunities earned outside of the academic setting based on maintaining academic and behavioral expectations.


    When do students have privilege periods?

    Many factors go into determining when a student has a privilege period, including the student's course selections, the number of classes at capacity and the course periods that classes can be offered. 


    Where are privilege areas?


    • Cafeteria (all students will have access)

    • Commons (all students will have access)

    • Library (all students will have access, but trust card is required to check out laptops)


    • LiveWire (all students with trust card)

    • Eagles Nest (upper gym mezzanine, JUNIORS and SENIORS only. Accessible w/ trust card)


    How do students enter privilege areas?

    The cafeteria and commons are open to all students on privilege. Certain areas will require the use of a trust card (ex. LiveWire).


    What can students do in a privilege area?

    Students are given this privilege time to take care of business, whether that is studying, decompressing, etc. We recognize the busy lives of our students. Many are involved in clubs and organizations, have jobs outside of school and have tough academic schedules. The privilege periods are allocated to help students use this time to best meet their needs during the school day. 


    How do I lose my trust card?

    The loss of a trust card is determined by House administrators based off of academic and behavioral performance. 


    What happens if I lose privilege?

    There's a variety of levels of loss of privilege. Administrators will communicate student consequences based on the level of infraction.