• Screening & Assessment

    The district-wide screening will be conducted annually. Major assessments will be conducted in August, October, February, March, April, and May.

    The August assessment will focus on screening new AISD students only.  New students who did not participate in summer screening will be screened at the end of the first six weeks for gifted consideration if they were previously identified for a gifted program in a former district.

    The December/February assessment will focus on Kindergarten. Services for identified Kindergarten students begin March 1st of the same school year.

    The March assessment, Phase I will offer aptitude screening for students considering gifted. Students are eligible for screening every two years at the elementary level.  The April assessment, Phase II completes final gifted screening. Students who are identified during spring assessments will begin services in August of the next school year.

    New Students

    During August, students who are new to AISD and have previously been identified for a gifted program in another district/state will be screened for placement in the AISD Gifted and Talented program. New students who have not previously been in a gifted program and who are enrolled in the AISD before the start of school will also be screened during the August screening/assessment. Students not previously in a gifted program or who attended a school where there was not a gifted and talented program available and enroll in the AISD after the start of school will be screened during the Spring assessment.

    Test data is valid for two years.  

    Registration will open online in January/February for parents to register their children for testing. You can find helpful information at Allenisd.org/Departments/Learner Services/Gifted and Talented services

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