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    General Information:

     Student arrival is 7:30. The tardy bell rings at 7:45. (Students MUST go straight to the classroom and be IN the classroom when the tardy bell rings, not just in the building.)

     Students are to bring their backpack to school each day. (Standard size...not a small one. Must fit standard folders and binders.) They will need it to carry their folders, lunch box, snack, and a change of clothes in. It is important for you to check their red folder daily for messages, behavior notices, and any work they completed. I also recommend placing a lightweight jacket or sweater of some sort in the bottom of their backpack in case of rain or cold air conditioning. In case of an accident (restroom, art, spill at lunch, etc.) please ensure a change of clothes, including underwear and socks, is placed in a plastic Ziploc bag and kept in the bottom of their backpack. 

     All jackets/sweaters, lunch boxes, backpacks, water bottles, etc MUST be labeled with your child’s name.

    • All money sent to school needs to be in a sealed envelope or baggie labeled with the student’s name, teacher’s name, and purpose for the money in order to be readily accountable.  

    • Please make sure your child wears appropriate shoes every day  as we will be going to recess daily and P.E. throughout the week. (No flip-flops)  Tennis shoes MUST be worn on P.E. days!

    • For SAFETY reasons, please ensure that you or any visitor sign in at the front office when visiting the campus.  You should also pick up a visitor’s badge at that time. 


    **SPECIAL CLASSES** (Please refer to split-schedule I emailed out for your child's specific schedule.)

    art Art

    pe P.E. 

    music Music

    computer Computer


    Dismissal Information:

    • School is dismissed at 3:00. You should be at the school prior to this time in order to accomodate for traffic. Students will be escorted by me to their dismissal area. For the sake of confusion and safety, parents are not allowed to meet their child at the classroom at any point during dismissal time. 

     Please call the OFFICE and email me as soon as possible if you decide to change the way your child will be going home. Otherwise, no matter what the student tells us, we are required to send them home the way you established on the dismissal form. Please make all changes by no later than 2:00!


    • Lunch is paid for through the cafeteria.  We strongly encourage parents to send a check at the beginning of the week or month to ensure proper credit is applied to your child’s account. Your child must have sufficient funds in their account! Labeled deposit containers are located outside the front office near the start of the Kinder hallway and in the cafeteria. 

     For your convenience you can also credit your child’s lunch account online at https://www.allenisd.org/Page/12603.

    • Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their student as a special treat. Not every day. Please remember that this time is a wonderful opportunity for your child to develop his or her social skills and manners and continue building their independence. ***At this time, NO parents or relatives will be allowed to eat with their student on campus. 

    • Monthly lunch menus can be found at this link https://www.allenisd.org/Page/57999.


    • Your child may bring in ONE dry, healthy snack each day. You are responsible for sending snacks for your own child due to the state mandated “Food of Minimal Nutritional Value” (FMNV) law.  

    • Please remember that snack is a brief time in our classroom.  Your child should bring only 1 small item that does not require any type of utensil. (Examples include: pretzels, goldfish, granola bars, fruit, dried fruit, veggie straws, Cherrioes, pre-popped popcorn, etc.)


    • There will be several opportunities for you to volunteer this year. In order to volunteer at any Allen I.S.D. school, you must complete an on-line background check and application which can be found at https://www.allenisd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=214. They typically take 5-10 days to process so please plan accordingly.


    • Please put all notes/money/information in your child’s red daily folder. They will check them each morning as they come in and give me any items. Please remember I will not be checking backpacks for notes, etc...all info must go through the red folder. A Lindsey school folder will also be sent home on Tuesdays with general school information and flyers. 

     I strive to check my e-mail on a regular basis; therefore it is one of the quickest ways to share information with me.  However, as our days do get busy, please notify the office 972-908-4000 with any urgent information. Please feel free to e-mail me though at any time and I will respond as quickly as possible.  

     Please keep me up to date on any changes to your address (home or e-mail) and phone number.