A Little About Me

    I am a South Louisiana Cajun, but have lived in Texas for 26 years and am a proud Lone Star now. 

    I have four children.

    Bissmeyer kids


    a dog, Mimsy




    ...and a few other animals.  

     Bissmeyer cows   Donkeys

    I am looking forward to teaching fifth grade again and especially to teaching Math and Science.  I opened Lindsey and taught 4th grade Math or Math/Science here when it first opened.  The last few years I taught 5th grade Science and Social Studies at Lindsey.  I have also taught as an SSI teacher at Olson and Cheatham.   Prior to teaching, I was home with my four children for a few  years, and worked 10 years prior to that in the oil industry, …. yes APPLYING that Math and Science!!!!


    These are a few of my favorite things:


     Playing games (A great way to learn!!!)

    Hands on Science

    The outdoors (We love to camp.)

    Water Skiing and Lake Surfing




    Animals!  Animals! Animals!  I love dogs, horses, ducks (I had pet ducks growing up),

    cats, guinea pigs, fish, hermit crabs, even cows & donkeys!  


     Long walks

    Teaching and getting to know my students!!!

    My husband

    My family:

     Bissmeyer Group Photo