A Little About Me

    I am a South Louisiana Cajun (yes I can cook gumbo), but have lived in Texas for nearly 25 years and am a proud Lone Star now. 

    I have four children.

    Bissmeyer kids


    a dog (Mimsy - on the left),


    bissmeyer doggies

    ..and a few other animals.  

     Bissmeyer cows

    I am looking forward to teaching fifth graders and especially to teaching Science and Social Studies.  I opened Lindsey and taught 4th grade Math or Math/Science here for the first 3 years it was open.  The last few years I taught 5th grade Science and Social Studies at Lindsey.    I have also taught as an SSI teacher at Olson and Cheatham.   Prior to teaching I was home with my four children for a few  years, and worked 10 years prior to that in the oil industry, …. yes APPLYING that Math and Science!!!!


    These are a few of my favorite things:


    Hands on Science

    Playing games (A great way to learn!!!)

    The outdoors (We love to camp.)

    Water Skiing and Lake Surfing




    Animals!  Animals! Animals!  I love dogs, horses, ducks (yes I had pet ducks growing up),

    cats, guinea pigs, fish, hermit crabs, even cows!  We currently have two baby donkeys.


     Long walks

    Teaching and getting to know my students!!!

    My husband

    My family:

     Bissmeyer Group Photo