Happy Birthday
  • The Birthday Book Program is promoted by the Green Library to honor your children on their birthdays. With a $20 donation to the library, we purchase a book that becomes a part of the permanent collection and inscribe it with your child’s name and birth date. On their birthday, we will take the book to your child (see below for updates). Your child will be allowed to take the book home that day and keep it for a normal loan period of 14 school days. Please explain to your child that the book is a donation and will become part of the Green Library collection at the end of the loan period.

    The Birthday Book Program is a great way to show your child the value that you place on reading; while at the same time, you are helping our book collection to grow.


    2020-2021 Updates:

    Virtual Students: The Google Form below will have a place to indicate if you would like a picture emailed to you of the book and inscription OR if you would like to pick up the book at Green Elementary. If you choose to pick up the book the librarian will contact you with pick up instructions. All library loans are for 14 school days, you will be responsible for returning the book the Green Elementary.

    In-Person Students: The book will be delivered to your child's classroom as close to their birthday as possible. All library loans are for 14 school days. Your child can return the book following library book return procedures.


    IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you have paid $20 through School Pay AND filled out the form below. 


    Google Form to order a Birthday Book: https://forms.gle/jbYebzGuWMnqWrY29


    Payment Link for 2020-2021: https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/Green-Birthday-Book-20202021/ScsznPX




Last Modified on August 24, 2020