• This page will be updated regularly with useful information for parents.  If there is something you are looking for, please email me and I will try to add it to this page.


    To help your school counselor plan the best activities/lessons for this school year, please click on the link below and prioritize each item based on how important talking about that topic with your child is to you.

    Lindsey Elementary Counseling Program Parent Needs Assessment




    Here is a list of community resources you can access at any time:

    Allen ISD 2022-2023 Community Resource List


    To find out more about our district counseling department, visit our homepage.


    AISD Counseling Department homepage


    Check out this link to find out more about The Leader In Me program on our campus 


    "The Leader in Me" homepage


    SecondStep is the program the district has adopted for our social/emotional learning curriculum.  Find out more at the following link!


    Social/Emotional Learning through SecondStep