Allen ISD Leadership Academy

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    Program Overview 2020-2021

    The Allen ISD Leadership Academy is designed to provide community participants with a comprehensive overview of the school district by department and district leadership. By educating our community members about the workings of the school district, we create a resource pool from which to draw for participants in district planning, district and campus improvement teams, and other district/community activities. In addition, it serves as comprehensive initial training for those interested in serving as a school board trustee. The objective is to provide information as well as an opportunity to ask questions in an interactive format. 

    The structure of Allen ISD Leadership Academy is an in-person, full-day, once-a-month workshop for six months. This format includes cabinet members providing an overview of their area of responsibility with some department directors presenting their respective department processes and procedures, and providing more detail regarding their specialized programs and initiatives.  It also includes tours of several district facilities. All materials including presentations will be uploaded into a digital binder for participants to access during the meetings.

    The initial meeting includes a greeting, review of Allen ISD mission, vision, and goals as well as an overview of the schedule and expectations for participants provided by Superintendent Robin Bullock.

    The academy culminates in recognition of the program graduates at the May 2021 board meeting. Those graduates will then be included in a database of community members who may be called upon to support the district's efforts to include informed, interested community members in strategic planning, district and campus improvement teams, focus groups, and other planning committees.

    Apply for the Allen ISD Leadership Academy: Class III

    Leadership Academy Class III Schedule

    Applications open until Oct. 31.

    Board Academy

    Local school districts are governed by a Board of Trustees made up of members who are elected to office. The Allen ISD Board Academy is designed for anyone considering public service on the Board of Trustees as well as those that would like to learn more about local school district governance.  

    This school year, the School Board Academy will be offered as a separate event open to all that pre-register. You do not need to be part of the Allen ISD Leadership Academy to participate. More details and the pre-registration link are forthcoming. We anticipate this event taking place in early December 2020.

    Board Academy Presentation