• What Is Bullying?

    • Hurting someone’s body OR feelings,


    • over and over again,

    • to have more POWER.


    4 Main Types of Bullying include:

    1. Physical (hitting, tripping, kicking, pushing, damaging belongings, etc.)

    2. Verbal (name-calling, insulting someone, etc.)

    3. Emotional (spreading rumors, excluding someone, etc.)

    4. Cyber (bullying done via electronic devices, phone, computer, etc.)


    The goal of Allen ISD's Anti-Bullying Initiative is to ensure the safety of every student. Should you have concerns or questions, always feel free to contact our principals. Bullying will be investigated!


    Effects of Bullying:

    Students who are bullied are more likely to miss school and experience the following:

    • Depression and worry
    • Sadness and loneliness
    • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns
    • Headaches, stomach aches
    • Drop in grades


    What Can I Do if I Am Bullied?

    • Tell the person who is bullying you that you don't like it. ("Stop it. I don't like when you ____________.")
    • Go to a safe place.  Stay around other people.
    • Don't tease or hit back. Look strong and walk away.
    • Go to an adult you trust. Tell him or her the truth about what is happening.
    • Fill out an INCIDENT REPORT and turn in to homeroom teacher or principal. (These are posted in your classroom or ask for one in the office.)


    No Bullying Allowed!

    • We want Chandler to be a BULLY-FREE ZONE!
    • Bullying & Harassment will not be tolerated.
    • There are serious consequences.
    • Make good choices! Treat everyone kindly!