• Teacher/Staff Favorites


    Teacher Name: Lori Kearney

    Job Title/Specialty: 2nd Grade Teacher

    Birthdate: May 8

    Favorite Beverages: Sparkling Water, Unsweet Iced Tea

    Favorite Drive- Thru Lunch: Panera Bread:  Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup/Chipotle: Black bean, guacamole, and pico tacos

    Favorite Snacks/Treats: Popcorn, Almonds, Cashews, Dark Chocolate

    Best time to Drop off Lunch/Treats: 11:00

    Allergy/Sensitivity: I am a vegetarian.

    Favorite Gift Cards: Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble

    Favorite Color: Ocean Blue

    Favorite Flower: Wildflowers

    Favorite Candle Scent: Lavender, Linen

    Things you Collect: Books

    The Class/Office Always Needs: Flair Pens, Dry erase markers, kleenex, lysol wipes