How to access Moby Max at home!

  • Here are the steps to access Moby Max at home.

    1. Follow this link:

    2. If it takes you to a page that asks for School Name or School Code use the school code which is TX2894

    3. Make sure "as a student" is selected at the top.

    4. For username, students type in your first name and your class number *no spaces* (the one you write at the top of your assignments in class)

    5. Your password will be the same as your username

           Example: My name is Eduardo and I am number 14 in class.

                            Username: eduardo14

                            Password: eduardo14

    6. Click on the stack of books or the home button to select the subject you want to practice on MobyMax.


    If you haven't been on Moby Max yet for math it will have you complete an