• Rocks

    "Behold this rock upon the ground, what once was dropped has now been found.

    As strangers we have never met, but share the gift of kindness yet.

    The colors on the stone you hold, reflect a story often told.

    Pay it forward, choice to make, kindness just for kindness sake.

    Then on your path, at time unknown, remember well all kindness shown,

    and leave this rock upon the ground, a treasure to again be found."



    Lindsey Elementary is a Leader In Me school that teaches our students the 7 habits of effective leadership in order to help them become more productive members of our community.

    As a way to demonstrate Habit #4, Think Win-Win, our Lindsey Lighthouse Team established the Lindsey Elementary Rocks program in the spring of 2018 to encourage our students to spread kindness throughout our community and beyond. Our community wins through the random acts of kindness and our students win by being a part of a kinder community.

    Keep the rock you found for a while as a reminder that kindness resides within us all. Somewhere along your travels, at a time of your choosing, leave the rock for someone else to find.

    Visit Lindsey Elementary Rocks on our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/LindseyElementaryRocks/ to see pictures of our adventure or to learn more about this kindness project!