• AHS Students Awarded $118,275 in Scholarships!

    The Foundation hosted a reception on April 30, 2018 to honor 114 members of the AHS class of 2018 who are receiving $118,275 in scholarships. The Foundation awarded $99,775 with an additional $18,500 awarded by groups from the Allen community. The reception brought scholarship donors together with the students who are benefitting from their generosity. View our 2018 Scholarship Reception Program to read details about the types of scholarships that were awarded.


    Memorial Scholarships

    Angela Marie Guest
    Angela Marie Guest Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Luke Ford and Tiffany Ekanayake with donor Susan Guest
    Anthony and Eric Vita
    Anthony & Eric Vita Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
    Samantha Cheng with Paige Perry, Foundation Board member
    Caroline Clemens Roberts
    Caroline Clemens Roberts Memorial Scholarship – $1,500 each

    Erin White and Emily Baker
    Connie M. Buntley Memorial
    Connie M. Buntley Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 
    Vivian Tran with donor Joel "Sparkie" Buntley  
    Emily Stambaugh Memorial
    Emily Stambaugh Memorial Scholarship – $500
    Kylie West with Coach Brent Mitchell and Sarah Mitchell, representing the AHS Swim and Dive Team Booster Club
    Erin Valenta Memorial
    Erin Valenta Memorial Scholarship given by Allen Band Booster Association – $500 each

    Ryan King, Thomas Miller, Aashay Patel, Emily Erwin, and Sarah Abiog with Meredith Valenta
    Fulk Family
    Fulk Family Scholarships – $1,000 each

    Charles Olson and Savannah Whitecotton with Susan and Ken Fulk

    Gayle Boon Memorial
    Gayle Boon Memorial Scholarship – $2,500
    Sabrine Oujout with mother Khadija Oujout and with Kimbra Boon Crawford and Dr. E.T. Boon
    Kathy Daley Memorial
    Kathy Daley Memorial Scholarship – $500
    Caitlin Tolley with Nolan Daley
    Kyle Murray Memorial
    Kyle Murray Memorial Scholarship – $525
    Caitlin Nichols with Lindsay Whittemore from the Ruth Cheatham Foundation, Campbell Murray, and John George
    Nancy Ann Lakvold Memorial
    Nancy Ann Lakvold Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Meghana Nadella with Mary Frashier and Kim Lane
    Rodenbaugh Family
    Rodenbaugh Family Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Jade Ware and Emma Morell with Teresa, Connie, and Ronald Rodenbaugh
    Roger and Ella Jo Adams
    Roger & Ella Jo Adams Scholarship to Texas A&M – $1,000
    Ashley Molina with donor Ella Jo Adams

    Scott Limpert Memorial
    Scott Limpert Memorial Scholarship – $500 each
    Emily Walsh and Sarah Tavana with Lisa and Nicole Limpert

    Family and Individual Sponsored Scholarships

    Dr. Jenny Preston Future Teacher
    Dr. Jenny Preston Future Teacher Scholarship – $1,000
    Halle Herring with Justin and Jon Mark Preston
    Fund 6203
    Fund 6203 Scholarship – $500
    Clark Merrick with Michael Wilson
    Marion Elementary Bratton Family
    Marion Elementary Bratton Family Scholarship – $1,500 each

    Augustine Nguyen and Jacqueline Ladesma with Tim and Paige Bratton
    McKee Family
    McKee Family Scholarship – $5,500

    Mark Kelley with Patti McKee
    Merrick Family
    Merrick Family Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Mitchell Wohead and Paige Parish with donors Charles and Laurie Merrick 
    Morrow-Smith Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Ashton Reed and Nicholas Ehlers with Doyle Morrow and Diana Morrow-Smith
    Pogue Family
    Pogue Family Endowment Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Lauren Sunderhaus, Victoria Scott, Marshall McClain, Jeffry Love, Amber Knoernschild, and William Blessing with Judy Pogue of Pogue Construction, Inc.

    School Organization Sponsored Scholarships 

    AHS Cheer 1

    AHS Cheer 2
    AHS Cheer Booster Club Scholarship – $500 each
    McKenna Davis, Talia Dean, Halle Herring, Hailee Lawson, Morgan Scott, and Sarah Tavana
    AISD Council of PTAs
    Allen ISD Council of PTAs Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Mathew Chairuangdej, Caitlin Tolley, Madision Plummer, Melanie Meek, Helen Goenawan, Alyssa Brown, Abbigal Maeng, and Faith Fortney with Allen ISD Council of PTAs representatives Clelon Houpt, Latricia Smith, Nina Felt, and Joy Forester (not pictured - Jonathan Giudice and Parker Schubert)
    Boyd Elementary
    Boyd Elementary Scholarship – $750
    Jaydee Wagner
     with Nancy Jung, Boyd Elementary Dean of Students
    Ford Middle School
    Ford Middle School Scholarship – $500
    Savannah Eren with Ford Middle School NJHS officers Karter Stanton and Grace Record and Ford Middle School representative Donna Laster
    Evans Elementary PTA  
    Mary Evans Elementary School PTA Scholarship – $500 each
    Lucia Nguyen and Christian Hinton with Pam Hale, Evans Elementary principal and Evans Elementary PTA president Michel Ann Coleman
    Olson Elementary
    Olson Elementary School Academic Award Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Hannah Omamalin and Austin Galletti with Amanda Reyes, Olson Elementary principal; Cyndi Kelly, Olson Elementary PTA president; and school namesakes Lynda and David Olson

    Rountree Elementary PTA  
    Rountree Elementary PTA Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Vivienne Williams and Micaela Chaparro with PTA representatives Kelly Pierce and Latricia Smith, and Lara Utecht, Rountree Elementary principal

    Foundation For Allen Schools Sponsored Scholarships

    Foundation 1  
    Foundation For Allen Schools Scholarship – $500-$2,000 each
    Joe Alappat, John Matthew Bandelaria, Anthony Basta, Carl Boutin, Hunter Chemelli, and Paola Desiree Caliguiran with Foundation Board members Martha Bahnman, Latricia Smith, and Neil Riddick
    Foundation 2
    Renee Cole, Dorothy Cobb, Emily George, Miguel Gomez-Garcia, Travis Hoffman, and Helen Goenawan with Foundation Board members Julie Kerr, Sabrina Dorris, Pam Heinrich, and Sarah Mitchell
    Foundation 3
    Vanessa Sun, Julia Zaksek, and Grace Steele with Foundation Board members Karen Simpson, Paige Perry, Susan Olinger, and Dr. Laura Ryan (not pictured - Yici Sun and Jiaxin Zhang)
    Foundation 4
    Juan Irola Santacruz, Parker Primrose, Kennedy Russell, Claire Pedison, Amin Lim, and Elizabeth Nguyen with Foundation Board members Mary Sue Daniel and Chris Caplinger

    Community Organization Sponsored Scholarships

    Allen Eagle Nation
    Eagle Nation 2
    Allen Eagle Nation Scholarship  $500-$1,000 each

    Faith Fortney, Grant Whistler, Jeffrey Franks, Jessica Van Nimwegan, Harley Hendrick and mother Stacy Jackson, and Mary Kate Mikula with Allen Eagle Nation representatives Brandon Weber, Neil Fonville, Wayne and Joyce Boline, and Angie Ortiz

    Jessica Ford with Foundation board members Susan Olinger and Julie Kerr (not pictured - Jessica Ford and Matthew Koithan)

    Allen Garden Club
    Allen Garden Club Helen M. Logan Scholarship – $1,000
    Cade Albert with Nancy Huntt and Denise Webre from the Allen Garden Club

    Allen Retired Educators Association  
    Allen Retired Educators Association Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Sydney Mendel and Alexa Frederick with AREA members Martha Ferguson, Rhonda Boston, Carole Smithwick, and Sondra Long 

    Friends of the APL  
    Friends of the Allen Public Library Scholarship – $500 each
    Rija Abbas and Abbigal Maeng with Susan Jackson, Friends of the Allen Public Library president

    Keep Allen Beautiful
    Keep Allen Beautiful - Mardy & Lisa Brown Memorial Scholarship – $500
    Talia Dean with Keep Allen Beautiful representatives Jeanette Brown, Donna Kliewer, and Elias Shaikh 

    Kiwanis Club
    Kiwanis Club of Allen Scholarship – $500-$1,500 each
    Sydney Mendel, Anthony Basta, John Matthew Bandelaria, Sarah Azam, and Rija Abbas with Griff Moore and Donald Ables from Kiwanis Club of Allen

    Rotary Club of Allen
    Rotary Club of Allen Scholarships and Dr. Steve Burch Memorial Scholarship – $500 each
    Anuj Gupta, Kevin Oswald, Kennedi Anders, Avery Arsenault, Bidisha Chowdhury, Rafaela Dural, and Sarah Abiog with Billy Robinson, Ken Chute, Jonathon Boyd, Randy Sandifer, and Troie Burch

    Sunrise Rotary Club
    Rev. Kathleen Baskin-Ball Memorial Scholarshp – $1,000
    Eduardo Ramos

    Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarship – $1,000
    Grace Swierenga

    John Sprague Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Audrey Nguyen

    Pictured with Sunrise Rotary Club representatives Steve Duncan, Chris Schulmeister, Patrick Garcia, Dan Wichman, and Bruce Heller

    Corporate Sponsored Scholarships

    CoServ Charitable Foundation  
    CoServ Charitable Foundation Scholarship – $1,000
    Rahul Anand with Trisha Sheffield, CoServ Charitable Foundation representative

    Dawson Private Wealth  
    Dawson Private Wealth Higher Education Scholarship – $1,000 each
    Klaire Bentley, Justina Ghali, and Andrew Magee pictured with donors Jalauna and Steven Dawson
    Hellas Construction  
    Hellas Construction Inc. Scholarship – $1,250 each
    Kareena Chawla and Izzah Zaheer with Randy Bullock from Hellas Construction Inc.

    Linebarger Law Firm
    Linebarger Law Firm Scholarship – $1,000
    Alyssa Brown with Edward Lopez and Mary Sue Daniel
    TradeMark Carwash  
    TradeMark Carwash Scholarship – $5,500
    Caitlin Sotny with donors Tom and Kim Miller of TradeMark Carwash
    Veritex Community Bank
    Veritex Community Bank Scholarship – $500 each

    Joshua Harlan, Chloe Beam, and Haneul Jung with Melanie Goodman and Angela Harper from Veritex Community Bank (not pictured - Greyson Wieder)