• Vehicle Use AgreementVehicle Safety and Use Program

    The Allen ISD Vehicle Safety and Use Program sets the minimum driving requirements and safe operating practices regarding the operation of district vehicles.  Allen ISD requires that district vehicles be operated only by authorized district employees or officials who meet the following criteria:

    1. Review and understand the Allen ISD Vehicle Safety and Use Program

    2. Successfully complete a motor vehicle record (MVR) screening

    3. Complete Vehicle Safety and Use Training.


    District Vehicle Driver Authorization

    Step 1 - To begin the driver authorization process, click on the link below and review the Allen ISD Vehicle Safety and Use Program document.

     Allen ISD Vehicle Safety and Use Program


    Step 2 - Click on and complete the Allen ISD Vehicle Use Agreement and send to the Transportation Department.  Once printed and signed it can be e-mailed to Melissa Jacobi at melissa.jacobi@allenisd.org or a hard copy can be sent to the Transportation Department located in the Service Center Building.

    ALLEN ISD Vehicle Use Agreement


    Step 3 - Once the Vehicle Use Agreement has been submitted, the transportation department will conduct an MVR review.  Once completed, you will be enrolled in the Vehicle Safety and Use Training Course in Eduphoria.  Completing this course is the last step in the approval process.  **Please do not enroll yourself in the course.  You will receive an enrollment e-mail once your MVR review is complete.**  


    After sucessfully completing all three steps, you will have met all requirements and are authorized to operate district vehicles.  The training is valid for three (3) years.  You will receive a notification when your training has expired.



    Important Links 

    Allen ISD Vehicle Safety and Use Program 

    ALLEN ISD Vehicle Use Agreement