• Chatting Cheetahs

    The Chatting Cheetahs will use social stories, games, collaborative play/learning, and role play to encourage friendships between students who struggle during unstructured group play or conversation. This club will help guide them through peer related activities and help them build a strong support peer group, while enjoying periods of unstructured socialization.

    Chandler - Shayne Williams

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  • Destination Wings

    The College and Career Center sponsors Destination Wings, a program promoting awareness of local post-secondary college and career opportunities available to students after graduation. These day trips may include campus tours, admission and financial aid presentations, student life on campus, and career certification information. Visiting the college campus truly helps students better understand if the college is the right fit for them.

    Allen High School - Kristy Dozier

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  • Falcon Future Leaders

    The opportunity to participate with the PALS program in their leadership sessions, as well as tour Allen High School's Career and Technology areas, will instill dedication, determination and pride in Story's sixth grade students.

    Story - Stacey Thomas

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  • Good Morning, Rountree

    "Good Morning, Rountree" (Rountree Network News) is an extracurricular activity for 5th and 6th graders. The Rountree Network News Team brings morning announcements to campus every school morning using teamwork and communication. This project enables students to develop writing skills, public speaking skills, responsibility, and working successfully as a team. Students will also learn how to use technology and how to manage the technology equipment. 

    Rountree - Shelley Privett

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  • Group Counseling for At-Risk Students

    Research has indicated that group counseling is a practical way to serve students who are struggling academically, emotionally and behaviorally. Many at-risk students may experience low levels of self-esteem because of the adversity in their home life; group counseling appears to help this specific population. Group counseling for at-risk 9th graders at Lowery Freshman Center will be implemented at least once a week during the fall semester, spring semester, and potentially through the summer. 

    Lowery - Jamie Sarten

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  • Growing Teachers for Diverse Learners

    This project will allow Lowery to work and learn with teachers about the needs of their diverse population. We want the best for our students and we do this by learning about our students and implementing that learning into our classrooms. Understanding the needs and learning styles of a diverse school population and implementing techniques for optimum student success is the goal of this project. Activites will include on-line components along with face to face meetings and discussions.

    Lowery - Trina Brown

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  • Keep the Leaders Growing in Allen ISD

    Nine campuses in Allen ISD participate in this unique after-school enrichment program which focuses on building leaders in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. The purpose of these programs is to identify and inspire students who face various challenges - economic hardship, single parent homes, lack of positive role models in their lives - and help them develop into self-confident, courageous, compassionate leaders for their school and their community. Students participate in special field trips, leadership skills training and volunteer efforts.

    Chandler - Tiffany Betterton

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