• ALLen Reads

    ALLenReads encourages the entire Allen community to read the same book or set of books. The grant provides copies of the selected books to all campus in Allen ISD, and the students have access to community events related to the books, such as author and illustrator speakers, writing presentations, and musical performances.

    Curtis - Brenda Hawkins

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  • Bean Bags

    Bean bag seating is becoming a "must-have" for classroom environments. The bright colors create a fun experience for students, enhance concentration levels, increase motivation to read more, and create an alternative, comfortable environment for the student readers.

    Bolin - Roya Azimi

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  • Blazers Book Club Refresh

    The Blazers' Book Club is a group of second grade students who meet together to discuss engaging, student-selected texts. Each students is provided with their own copy of the book that is being read so that they are able to read at home. By discussing these texts with their peers, students will be more engaged in reading and they will be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.

    Bolin - Emily Barrett

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  • Bolin Blazer and Story Falcons Summer Book Club

    The Bolin Blazer and Story Falcons Summer Book Club will help students with economic and academic needs avoid the summer reading slide and expose them to quality literature and connections. Students will be given an opportunity to select 10 books on their own reading level and interest level from a descriptive catalog, as well as a 10 month sucbscription to National Geographic Kids magazine.

    Bolin - Christie Barrick

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  • Books for Literature Circles and Book Clubs

    Preston 6th graders will meet in groups to discuss engaging, student-selected text. Each student will be provided with their own copy of the book so they can read, annotate, and discuss their ideas and feelings about the novel. By discussing these texts with their peers, students will be more engaged in reading and they will be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.

    Preston - Renee Nelson

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  • Building The Bridges of Biliteracy: Spanish Reading in a Dual Language Classroom

    Biliteracy opens the doors for education, career and cultural paths. Students in the dual language classroom will become more fluent in their home language and with these additional resources, will have opportunities to read authentic literature in Spanish.

    Boyd - Laura Soto

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  • Creating a Community of Readers

    Leveled readers will provide Preston Elementary students the opportunity to grow in ability and confidence while reading to learn. By meeting each student where they are, teachers will be able to help guide them through the reading process and teach them appropriate strategies to use along the way.

    Preston - Christyn Carriere

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  • Exploring News We Can Use

    Time for Kids magazines will improve nonfiction reading comprehension by providing weekly on-level articles that are current, engaging, and visually stimulating. Student excitement and engagement towards reading should improved as well as student vocabulary, global awareness, and informational writing skills.

    Green - Christine Love

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  • Exploring the World Through Nonfiction Texts

    First graders love nonfiction books and learning about new things, so having a wide range of new nonfiction books they can read and comprehend will only increase their curiosity about the world around them. All students will benefit from using these books during independent reading and writing time throughout the year.

    Olson - Courtney Tinch

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  • Eyes on Nonfiction

    "Eyes on Nonfiction" will provide new nonfiction books for Evans Elementary classroom libraries. By balancing libraries with fiction and nonfiction texts, teachers will be able to provide multiple choices to enrich students' reading and writing experiences.

    Evans - Marilyn Hamilton

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