• Concrete to Abstract: Learning Math with Manipulatives

    Hands on learning helps all students make real life connections and engage multiple types of learners. They allow kinesthetic learners to move while learning, auditory learners to hear academic talk from their peers, visual learners to see what is being created and social learners the opportunity to spend time in a small group with purposeful conversation. Use of manipulatives engage students physical activity, which has been shown to enhance memory and understanding. They help to bridge the gap between students' intuitive, everyday understanding of mathematics and their understandings of the corresponding formal symbolic representations.

    Boyd - Denisse Rayas

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  • Enterprise City Field Trip

    At Enterprise City in Richardson, real-world experiences are awaiting students who participate in this simulation that introduces them to their future roles as producers, consumers, and citizens. Students are introduced to skills including applying for jobs, writing checks, and balancing a checkbook as they purchase and sell their goods and services.

    Reed - Sabrina Passanante

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  • Games for Engagement

    Learning should be fun and engaging for all students. Through the use of math games, Rountree Elementary students will be working with others to learn essential math skills while having fun! These weekly stations will include spiral review, targeted math skills, technology, and games, and will be resources for enrichment and intervention blocks and after-school tutoring.

    Rountree - Kathryn Sasso

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  • Hearing to Help

    Hearing to Help is a grant providing much needed earphones to students in a non-traditional classroom setting, allowing them to stay focused on their work and practice academic skills with fewer distractions.

    Dillard - Lenay Roecker

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  • Hitting the Mark: Targeted Instruction in Math

    Hitting the Mark: Targeted Instruction in Math will provide new math manipulative kits that correlate to specific learning needs on our campus. The materials will be used by our intervention team to provide targeted math instruction for our struggling students.

    Reed - Jennifer Dingler

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  • Linking Literacy to Math

    Fourth grade students at Evans Elementary are provided with Math Literacy Libraries to link literacy to math. Auditory learners benefit from the story being read aloud and visual students enjoying reading the books and viewing the illustrations on the pages. Also, because there are such a vast variety of topics covered in these books through characters and story lines, many student interest areas are addressed, bringing excitement to the lessons promoting reading enjoyment and life-long learners.

    Evans - Katie Tsutsumi

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  • MakerSchool- Growing an Idea that Grows Students

    Olson Elementary is expanding its MakerSpace with the goal of becoming a MakerSchool where teachers and students are continually looking for ways to incorporate STEM challenges and hands-on learning into daily instruction.

    Olson - Brenda Fee

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  • Math and Reading: Let's Get Integrated

    Math and Reading: Let's Get Integrated is a project to integrate reading into the math curriculum and bring math to life. Math picture books will be used to introduce concepts, teach math vocabulary and strategies, and engage students in the math concepts.

    Story - Kristi Whatley

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  • Math GPS - Giving Students Daily Direction in Mathematics

    The MATH GPS workbook will be used on a daily basis to support specific TEKS that students historically take longer to master. It can be used during daily warm-ups as a bell ringer, in intervention time, for test review and in assessment. It will provide students an invaluable opportunity to practice and reinforce TEKS taught throughout the school year and help lead them toward concept mastery and prepare them for the STAAR test.

    Lindsey - Holly May

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  • Math GPS Readiness Kit

    Hands-on math manipulatives are used to conduct interactive stations, labs, engagement and exploration. This 5th grade Readiness Focus Kit is an awesome resource for math instructors that help incorporate the 4 E's of instruction (Engage, Explore, Explain, & Elaborate). Being a new school, this kit would be one more way to reach those kids who are in the middle or considered "middle" and move them to the higher level of their math foundation.

    Preston - Valarie Cole

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