• Building Teams in PE

    New gym epquipment for Rountree Elementary will be used in many activities, games, and stations to help students get better at working together, encouraging each other, and listen to each other.

    Rountree - Gena Flemmer

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  • Marathon Mania!

    Marathon Mania helps to provide a quick and easy way to track Bolin Jogging Club laps through a program called EZScan. It also provides Bolin's Jogging Club with incentives and awards when students meet their smaller mileage goals and bigger Marathons throughout the year.

    Bolin - Stacy Palmertree

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  • Mats Matter

    This grant would go towards replacing Bolin Elementary's gym mats. These mats are used throughout the school year for different games and units as well as to help protect a student's back and wrists while they are taking their yearly FitnessGram assessment.

    Bolin - Stacey Palmertree

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  • Outdoor Fun

    The purpose of this grant is to give Lindsey Lone Stars an opportunity to try some fun outdoor activities that they can continue to play with their families over the summer. The students will learn the rules to 4 different fun outdoor games; cornhole, canjam, football canjam and spikeball. These games are a great way to keep students active during the school year and the summer.

    Lindsey - Connie Beaney

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  • Rountree Running Club

    Rountree Running club strengthens student's bodies and minds. Students learn to set goals for themselves and push themselves to achieve those goals. The beauty of running club is that they realize that they can do more than they thought they could. This is the benefit that will continue on after running club is over.

    Rountree - Nichole Duncan

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  • "Wave Your Hands in the Air for Nine Square in the Air"

    9 Square in the Air is a fun and addicting game that combines volleyball and four square. Participants experience opportunities for skill success, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Students, parents, and AISD staff members can all benefit from playing this unique game.

    Green - Rebecca Stamey

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