• Active Allen Citizens!

    This field trip would introduce Rountree third graders to how local government operates and hopefully creates interest and involvement in their community. This real life experience would engage and motivate Rountree's specific demographics of students to view local government in a positive light and help them understand the impact of various positions in local government.

    Rountree - Mary Fields

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  • Breakout EDU- Taking Student Engagement to the Next Level

    Taking student engagement to the next level through dynamic and challenging game play to review content, develop communication and critical thinking skills.  BreakoutEdu was developed as a gaming experience that educators can use to engage learners of all ages. Inspired by escape rooms, students must use higher-level thinking strategies to break into a heavily locked box by combining clues, technology, and teamwork. This will taking learning to a higher level through both teacher content planning and student-designed breakout challenges.

    Preston - Renee Nelson

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  • Cultivating a Community of Culturally Diverse Minds

    In coordination with the DFW International Organization, 6th graders will have the opportunity to experience the music, dancing, storytelling and artifacts from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. These performances will help to enhance their learning experience as they study World Cultures in their Social Studies classes.

    Marion - Samantha Fields

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  • IB/AP Psychology field trip to Terrell State Hospital

    The AP/IB Psychology students will be taking a field trip to Terrell State Hospital in order to destigmatize mental health. During the visit, students will meet patients who are now employees at Terrell State Hospital and take a tour of the hospital facilities. The ultimate goal will be for students to learn coping techniques and strategies from the experience at Terrell State Hospital and to see clients of the hospitals experiencing mental illness as individuals.

    Allen High School - Karen Hunnicutt

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