• 3D Printers for STEM

    Not every student has the opportunity to use a 3D printer, however every student that take a STEM course should have the opportunity to use one. STEM is growing in schools and around us and so are 3D printers. In STEM, students learn to design using computers and with the access of a 3D printer, these students will be able to make their projects come alive. 

    Ereckson - Graham Gadd

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  • Anderson's Mobile Cookery

    Anderson's portable kitchen allows students to participate in the preparation of the Sprouting Stars fresh produce, executing recipes, and sampling their creations. This program expands students' palates and knowledge of how to eat for a healthy lifestyle.

    Anderson - Becky Purdue

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  • Ballistics in Forensic Science

    Forensic ballistics is the examination of evidence relating to firearms at a crime scene, including the effects and behavior of projectiles and explosive devices. A forensic ballistics expert matches bullets, fragments, and other evidence. Forensic Science students at Allen High School will be immersed in the study of ballistics with realistic tools and crime scene recreation and modern forensic techniques to become experts in the Sacco & Vanzetti crime scene which happened in the 1920s.

    Allen High School - Tara Allgood

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  • Bringing World Class Experts into the Classroom

    AIM teachers are implementing the online tool NEPRIS to bring professionals and university level academics into Allen ISD Elementary classrooms, creating moments of meaningful real-life discovery for every student, every day. Students will be able to meet and interact with real life role models from the convenience of their own classrooms. 

    Olson - Brenda Fee

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  • Coasting To Success!

    Students will explore models of rollercoasters to see potential and kinetic energy in action. They'll use STEM concepts as they research, design, test, and refine a rollercoaster model to show the Law of Conservation of Energy and the physics behind amusement park rides.

    Curtis - Rob Burke

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  • Force and Energy It's a Snap!

    Force and Energy It's a Snap! is a project to provide the necessary tools and resources to enable fifth grade students to get a hands on understanding of how force works, be able to make their own force, energy, and electrical projects and understand the concepts of how force and energy impacts their world.

    Olson - Deborah Bellando

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  • Hands On and FULL SPEED AHEAD!

    This grant will provide a dynamic hands-on experience for 6th graders that they can, in turn, share with kindergarteners through vertical teaming that will ignite and expand their understanding of the Force and Motion Unit. Most specifically, it will help 6th graders explore and discover what speed is all about through the building and modification of model cars, technology enhanced ramps, collection of speed data, speed calculations, and graphing.

    Kerr - Mary Interrante

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  • High resolution WiFi cameras to view, capture, and edit microscopic images

    Anatomy & Physiology and Pathophysiology students will use these high resolution streaming WiFi cameras to view, capture, and edit microscopic images. By creating its own WiFi signal, the camera can connect with the students' Android or iOS device with the free MotiConnect app. This will be used by students to observe normal tissues in anatomy and pathologic or cancerous tissues in in pathophysiology.

    Allen High School - Benjamin Wilkinson


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  • Lead with Science

    Got STEAM? Along with Green Elementary's Family STEAM Night, students and their families will have the opportunity to participate in an engaging exploration of Alternative Energy at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

    Green - Pamela Churchill


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  • Makers in the Middle

    With the increased availability of technology, a culture of making is becoming very important to both businesses and institutions of higher education. In order to provide Allen students with opportunities to create and solve problems with their peers, a Makerspace initiative begin at the elementary campuses. This project would allow the same experiences for the district middle school students.

    Admin - Melissa Kelly

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