• Name:  Kimberly Lang

    Birthday:  July 31, OR my half birthday January 31

    I love: Sunny Foot Spa, Bath Bombs, lotions, etc.

    I Collect:  Disney ornaments, cute classroom decorations



    Salty Snack:  Salt and Vinegar chips, Pistachios, bacon (from Two Rows!)

    Candy:  Milk Chocolate - Toblerone, Symphony etc.

    Gum Flavor:  Minty 

    Sonic Drink:  Dr. Pepper or Strawberry Limeade, Blackberry and Lemon water

    Restaurants:  Brio, Hedary's, Chili's, PF Chang's, Two Rows

    Flower:  Any (preferred potted ones)

    Candle Scent:  Herb or Floral

    Store:  Hobby Lobby, Disney Store, Bath & Body Works, Lush, Walmart