Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to use a Contracted Vendor?

    How does a vendor become contracted?

    A vendor may become contracted to do business with Allen ISD three ways.

    1. Respond to a bid that Allen ISD issues, be awarded by the School Board, and notified by the Purchasing Department of the award.
    2. Hold a contract with a Purchasing Cooperative (i.e. Buyboard, Choice Partners, TXMAS, etc.)
    3. Respond to a bid issued by another District, City, or County that has an agreement with Allen ISD allowing us to use their contracts.

    Where can I find a current list of contracted vendors?

    Any vendor that has been contracted by the 3 ways listed above can be found on our Contracted Vendor listed on the Purchasing Department webpage.

    Vendors Registered in Ionwave

    Ionwave is a site that Allen ISD uses to send bid notifications and manage contracts. Registering in Ionwave is only step 1 in the process of becoming a vendor and does not constitute a valid contract with the district.

    Vendors in Skyward –

    Skyward is software that Allen ISD uses for vendor Payment processing. Sometimes a vendor may appear in Skyward because we have made a previous payment to them, but they do not have a contract.
    *It is important to first check the contracted vendor list before making any purchases.

    When Requesting Vendors to be Added into Skyward-

    While we try to add everyone that is requested, according to State laws we must use vendors that are contracted if the commodity is over $50,000 for the entire district for the fiscal year. Once it is submitted we begin the process of finding a contract for the vendors who meet those requirements and it could take a couple of days or longer depending on how quickly outside resources respond back to us.
    *This is why it is especially important to have the estimated Annual Spend and what item or services will be purchased

    When do I need to send an item through the Contract Signature Routing process?

    Any documents that require a signature by an Allen ISD representative, or that have terms and conditions must be sent through the Contract Signature Routing process for review.
    (ex. Quotes, Agreements, Field Trips, etc.)