The Attendance Center is located in the front of the school directly across from the main office.  The Attendance Center houses four attendance clerks and services all attendance needs.

    * When students arrive late to school with an excusable reason, they need to sign in at the Attendance Center.  When students need to leave early, they need to bring a written note with parent's signature stating the time to sign out. 

    * If students become ill while on campus, they need to sign out through the nurse's clinic. A note needs to be submitted to excuse the absence.  

           * If your student is absent, please follow up within three days with one of the options below:

    • Log into SKYWARD, click on the “Attendance” tab, click on “submit an Absence Request” and submit the note.  Skyward notifies the Attendance Clerk that you have submitted the note.

    • Pictures of notes can be emailed or taken to the appropriate attendance clerk.  Parent notes must have a parent signature to be excused. Medical notes can also be scanned and emailed to your attendance clerk. 

    •  Absence notes must be received within three days of the student’s return to school. Otherwise, the absence will remain as unexcused.  Truancy will be filed when a student reaches seven unexcused absences within a six-month period.  

    Per the AISD Handbook, a medical note is required for students who miss more than five consecutive days of school.

    Students must attend school at least 90% of the time their classes meet or they risk losing credit for those classes even with passing grades. ALL student absences, Excused and Unexcused, will count against the 90% compulsory attendance requirement.  

    Students who fall below 90% attendance are required by the State of Texas to make up hours/minutes, or risk losing credit for classes. Please see the 90% Makeup Attendance Opportunities page (linked on the left) for more information about earning makeup hours.