School Nurse Reponsibilities

    • Administer medications according to district policy
    • Case Management and education for students with chronic illness, diabetes, asthma, ADHD, and life-threatening allergies
    • Coordinate health care status and plans with parents, physicians, and school personnel
    • Manage communicable disease through infection-control principles of early detection, surveillance, reporting, and follow-up
    • Perform health assessments and develop interventions for students and staff who have chronic illness, acute illness, or injury
    • Perform state-mandated health screenings: hearing, vision, scoliosis, and acanthosis nigricans (risk assessment for Type ll diabetes)
    • Provide health counseling with students and staff
    • Provide health education to students, staff, and parents
    • Provide leadership and support staff wellness initiatives
    • Provide pediatric special procedures: gastrostomy feedings, tracheostomy care, and catheterizations


    Health Clerks (located at AHS, Lowery, and middle schools)

    • Monitor immunization compliance and provide data entry
    • Provide support to the campus RN
    • Provide first aid and administer medication
    • Assist with state-mandated screenings