• Allen ISD Spring Gifted and Talented Testing Information

    Each year, Allen ISD hosts an informational meeting for parents providing information on the district’s Gifted and Talented services.  This year’s informational meeting was held on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 via Zoom webinar.  If you were not able to attend the meeting, or if you'd like to review the presentation materials, please visit the links below:

    2021 District Parent Informational meeting slides


    Recording of 2021 Parent Informational meeting


    2021 Parent Informational meeting FAQs


    This year, Allen ISD will begin offering the computerized version of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) for all students in grades 1-11 who test for potential gifted identification.  All students interested in participating in phase I of testing for potential gifted identification will take this administration of the CogAT onsite.  Separate testing sessions will be offered for in-person and at-home learners.  Registration for phase I testing for students currently in grades 1-11, opens January 26, 2021 and closes February 5, 2021.  Please access the registration form for more information, including testing dates, at https://forms.gle/GRSfCChSGmcuuBRZA



    District Gifted/Talented Testing Statement

    In July 2019, a revised Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students (State Plan) was approved.  With the newly-approved State Plan, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) issued a clarification statement in October 2019 regarding Accountability Standard 2.15, which states “Assessment opportunities for gifted/talented identification are made available to students at least once per school year.”

    In response to this statement of clarification communicated by TEA, each Allen ISD student will have the opportunity to test for potential gifted identification once per academic school year.  Per guidelines in the State Plan, Allen ISD’s gifted/talented identification and assessment procedure and qualification criteria consist of at least three quantitative and qualitative measures, including aptitude and achievement testing, creative and critical thinking tasks, and an opportunity for parent and teacher input.  Allen ISD’s qualification criteria have not changed.  Students already identified gifted/talented by Allen ISD will remain so.      

    Families interested in learning more about Allen ISD’s gifted/talented identification and assessment practices, as well as gifted services and courses at all grade levels are encouraged to attend the district’s annual gifted/talented parent meeting.  This year’s meeting is on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.  


     2020-2021  Gifted and Talented Assessment Timeline 

    Date                                 Testing/Assessment/Information

    August 17-27                        Phase II testing for qualified elementary students (completion of 2019-2020 testing)

    September 10                       Communication of phase II results via Skyward messenger

    November 2-6                       Kindergarten phase I information

    December 1-11                     Kindergarten phase I testing 

    January 20                            Communication of kindergarten phase I results via Skyward messenger

    Jan. 25-Feb. 11                     Kindergarten phase II & AR testing

    January 26                            Gifted/talented parent information meeting 

    Jan. 26-Feb. 5                       Phase I registration open (Grades 1-11) 

    February 16-19                     Additional Kindergarten AR testing (on campus)

    Febraury 22-26                     Phase I testing (Grades 7-11)

    Feb. 25-Mar. 4                      Kindergarten appeals window

    March 1-5                             Kindergarten AIM services begin 

    March 16-22                         Phase I testing (Grades 1-6)

    March 23                              GATE Acacemy parenti informational meeting

    April 1-12                             GATE Academy lottery application window

    April 5                                   Communication of phase I results (Grades 1-11) via Skyward messenger

    April 5-9                               Phase II & AR registration window (Grades 1-11)

    April 17                                Phase II & AR testing

    May 18                                 Communication of phase II results (Grades 1-11) via Skyward messenger

    May 18-28                           Phase II appeal window (Grades 1-11)