Cleaning Tips for Parents of Young Artists:

  • Tempera Paint
    Poster Paint
    Watercolor Paint
    Water-base Block Ink

    1. Soak the spot in cold water
    2. Hand scrub with soap
    3. Work area with hands
    4. Wash as usual

    Finger Paint

    1. Let paint dry
    2. Brush dried paint from fabric with a stiff brush
    3. Follow directions 1-4 above for any paint left


    (other than India)

    1. Soak spot in small amount of milk
    2. Hand scrub
    3. Wash as usual

    Permanent Marker
    India Ink

    These materials contain varnish and require a solvent. Turpentine or paint thinner may work, but marks from these materials may never be entirely removed. You can also try rubbing alcohol.


    1. Allow clay to dry
    2. Brush dried clay from fabric with a stiff brush
    3. Wash in the usual manner

    Acrylic Paint

    Plastic-based paint: permanent, can't be removed