• This will be my second year of teaching at Cheatham, I have taught third grade for multiple years.  I am more than eager and ready to welcome our new 2nd grade students! I graduated from the University of Arizona but I grew up and went to school in Plano. 

    When I am not at Cheatham, I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends, shopping, traveling, or spending that time outdoors. My fiance, Robert, and I have two dogs named Duke and Dixie along with a new kitten named Bug. We absolutley love to travel and this summer we went on a road trip through several National Parks.  We visited Pike's Peak, Arches, Zion, Yosemite, Redwood forest, San Franscisco, Coos Bay, Crater lake, and the salt flats.  I have 5 brothers and sisters and 8 nieces and nephews, I love living in near them because we spend alot of time together. We celebrate every birthday and major milestone in each others lives, making those memoires is important and I cannot wait to make some with the students and my new team. 

    This year is going to be a great year! I can't wait to meet my new class of 2nd grade students and get to know their families. I look forward to learning more about my students and continuing to grow as a professional this year!

        Me in yosemite   Duke and Dixie   My Fiance and I in CO   Our kitten, Bug   Me in a Helicopter for Zion