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    Medication at camp


    Some policies for overnight trips are different than policies in the clinic.



    • Prescription medication
      • Medication Authorization Form (specify time either breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime) for each medication
      • On the Camp/Trip Medical and Emergency form list under prescription medication
      • Only send needed amount in container with prescription label
      • If parent is attending camp, they can give meds to own student only


    • Over the counter medication
      • Medication Authorization Form (specify time) for each medication
      • Must have MD signature on the Medication Authorization Form
      • Send brand package, not expired or ripped/opened.


    •  Emergency Meds at camp (inhalers/epi pens)
      • Need Allergy Action Plan (for EPI pens) or Asthma Action Plan (for inhalers) and Medication Authorization Form (if already in clinic, no further paperwork necessary)
      • Inhalers do not need action plan, but action plan has option to give more frequently during a severe asthma attack. I would recommend this since we will be away at camp.


    • No homeopathic medications can be administered at camp


    • All medications and forms must be turned in by ..... – no exceptions!