• The following are the District Guidelines regarding Makeup/Late Work:

    Makeup Work Because of Absence 

    Makeup work is assigned the same grading guidelines as regular assigned work. There is not a penalty for makeup work that is turned in within the district timelines – for every school day absent, the student has one school day for completionA zero may only be recorded when the student has failed to makeup or re-do the assignment according to the grading guidelines. According to EIA (LEGAL); The district grading policy must require a classroom teacher to assign a grade that reflects the student’s relative mastery of any assignment.

    Late Work Not Due to Absence (Grades 2-12 Foundation Subjects)

    The goal of the campus policy is to make sure that students complete their work. Late work is an assignment that is not turned in the date it is due as long as the student is not absent that day.

    Grades 2-12 Foundation Subjects

    • Elementary Guidelines – 10 points will be taken off per school day for late work up to five school days.

    • Secondary Guidelines – Students will have 3 days to turn in their work for a maximum grade of 70. Therefore, whether an assignment is one, two or three days late no more than a total of 30 points penalty can be taken off for that assignment.

    Grades 6-12 Advanced Courses

     Secondary Guidelines

    Middle School, PreAP/IB – Students will have 2 days to turn in their work for a maximum grade of 60.