• 2021-22 AIM Schedule


    The hours of AIM vary based on the grade level of the child.  Kindergarteners will receive one hour a week of pull out gifted instruction beginning in February.  1st-3rd graders will receive two hours of pull out enrichment opportunities starting the week of August 23rd.  4th-6th graders will receive four hours of enrichment per week beginning on August 23rd as well.  The exact times are subject to change based on what is happening on campus, but the day of the week should remain the same.


    Mondays -  1st grade and 2nd grade

    Tuesdays -  3rd grade and kindergarten

    Wednesdays -  4th grade

     Thursdays -  5th grade

    Fridays -  6th grade


    NOTE: Students will attend recess, lunch, and specials with their grade level in addition to receiving their required number of enrichment minutes.