• Frequently Asked Questions for First Grade

    • What are the school hours?

    School hours are from 7:45- 2:55.

    • What time is lunch?

    Lunch is from 11:05 -11:35.

    • Is my child allowed to bring a snack to school?

    We encourage your child to bring a healthy snack each day.

    • When is recess?

    We have a morning and afternoon recess this year.

    • Should I correct my child’s spelling?

    We encourage inventive spelling at this age.

    • What should I do when my child gets stuck on a word while they are reading?

    We encourage children to look at the pictures, think about what makes sense, and go back and re-read. If you have tried all of these and they are still stuck, you can give them the word.

    • Will my child have homework?

    Your child will have nightly assignments that need to be completed and returned daily.

    • Can I send in treats for my child’s birthday?

    We allow individually wrapped special treats that will be passed out at the end of the day.

    Please let us know in advance, so we can make arrangements for children with allergies.


    Please email your child’s teacher if you have any additional questions.