• The International Baccalaureate Organization requires each IB school to create academic honesty guidelines for IB assessment components. 

    The AHS IB teachers, IB Head of School, Advanced Academics principal, and the IB coordinator collaborated on and produced the guidelines that are linked within this page. We have also included guidelines for classroom assessments and long-term projects.  

    IB students should familiarize themselves with this document, and strive to consistently produce work that is of their own creation with relevant sources cited. 

    IB assessment components include the Extended Essay, CAS project, TOK essay and presentation, Internal Assessments for all subjects, written tasks for Group 1, oral commentaries, laboratory work, musical links investigations, visual arts exhibitions and process portfolios, as well as May papers and classroom tests, quizzes, and projects. 

    The honor code has been updated for the current school year. 

    AHS IB Academic Honesty Guidelines for Assessment Components