• Social media has changed how we communicate with one another. Rapid changes in technology have not only made communication efficient, but also more challenging. When using any type of social media always follow the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done to you! Respect and responsibility are the only tools needed to use social media appropriately.


    1. Respect other people's online rights.

    People have rights in everyday life. Even with the inventions of technology in regards to phones, instant messaging, and other communication devices, people have rights. If someone sends you an e-mail message or text which threatens you or makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to a parent or other adult right away. Don’t retaliate!


    1. Be responsible online.

    When you log on the computer, you are in control of your own behaviors. Avoid using the computer to do or say harmful things to other people. Copying or downloading things which are not yours (such as files, passwords, or credit card numbers), spreading rumors about other people online, and infecting other computers with viruses (on purpose) are examples of harming other people online.


    1. Choose words carefully.

    Anything posted or displayed on a computer or cell phone can be deleted, but never erased. What is put out there for others to see can easily be misinterpreted. Sometimes, online, people can't tell that you are joking. When you write an e-mail message, send a text message, or post on a social site, make sure the person you're sending it to will know whether you are happy, sad, angry, joking, etc.