Grading Policy

    Our goal is for every student to be engaged and empowered in the learning process.  We strive each day to ensure that each and every student is successful and when needed, provide necessary interventions to reach their potential.

    When a student receives a 69 or below on an assignment (daily work, quiz, unit test), we will reteach the content and then provide another opportunity for the student to attempt the assignment, or an assignment assessing the same TEKS/content.  On the second attempt, the student may earn up to a 70.

    Concerning assignments that are not turned in on time, students will have up to 3 days to turn in the assignment with a deduction of 10 points for each day it is late (points are deducted from the grade earned).  On the 3rd day, students may be referred to the office in order to serve a detention and complete the missing assignment. Parents will be contacted if a detention is necessary. On the 4th day, a grade of “0” will be assigned in the grade book.  Each of the 3 days that the assignment is late, the student will be offered several opportunities to complete the work.


    Grades 3-6

    The grades for students in grades 3-6 are posted in Skyward through Family Access. For each day that an assignment is not turned in(up to 3), the assignment will be coded as “Missing” in the gradebook. We encourage you to adjust the settings in Skyward to provide you with daily updates/alerts regarding grades.