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    Welcome to Texas History, where we learn about the greatest Country and State the world has ever seen. My name is Kevin Pierson, you may hear me called Coach Scoop. I got that nickname from HOF basketball Coach Bob Knight. I am excited to be joining the Curtis MS staff, I come by way of Arlington, Tx. I have a beautiful wife Brett, and two boys Jay(14) and Noah(10). I am a die hard Red Raider fan! I love pretty much all sports, music, eating, and golf. I absolutely love teaching history, I think that it is imperative that students become not only good learners, but good citizens as well, and history helps that along! I absolutely LOVE ALL my students and I am passionate about kids! I dont call it a job because being a teacher is not a profession, it is a calling! I look forward to getting to know you and your students. I hope this will be a great year!

    Lets Go COUGS!

    Coach Scoop



    1st-7th Athletics

    2nd- TX HISTORY

    3rd- TX HISTORY

    4th- Homeroom

    5th- TX HISTORY


    7th- TX HISTORY

    8th- 8th Athletics