• Campus Visits


    Information for AHS Students 


    College, military and local business representatives are invited to visit AHS to visit with students in grades 10 - 12!


    To see who's visiting this week, click here. 

    • We also post this list on the school TVs @ AHS!
    • Complete details are always listed in Naviance!


    All visits are posted in Naviance under the College Visits section! 

    1. Log in to Naviance

    2. On the Home page under Messages, click on the College Rep Visits link

          - All rep visits are listed under this link (college, military, business, etc.)

    3. Browse the list to see who's visiting AHS, when and where

    4. Sign up for the visits you would like to attend


    Students are able to visit with reps during their privilege period.

    • We offer morning and afternoon visits. If a rep visits in the morning, we encourage them to visit in the afternoon on their next visit and vice versa.
    • If a student is in class during the visit but would still like the reps contact info, the student can stop by the CCC or email the CCC to get the reps contact info. 


    Any questions? Email the CCC at ahsccc@allenisd.org