LFC Eagle Robotics Club

  • FTC Kickoff:  September 12th 

    National Kickoff - 11:00am Follow this link to sign up for a reminder which will be emailed to you on the day of the event.
    Or, just follow this link to tune in on Saturday and watch - Click "Watch Live on First TV"

    We will also Zoom, if you would like to tune in as a team.  Not sure if there will be lag issues.  Check your email for Zoom info or email me to request.

    North Texas Event - 1:00pm, See registration link on this page
    This is the North Texas kickoff where experts will dive into the rules of the game and take questions from us.  It's great to listen to all the questions team members are asking and think about strategies.


    2020-21 Eagle Robotics Club Sign Up 
    Interested in joining the club?  Please follow this link to complete the interest form. No previous experience required.


    Helpful Websites

    FTC Game & Season Info

    AHS Eagle Robotics Webpage

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Last Modified on September 16, 2020