Registration Instructions for Community Education Events

  • Register Here for Community Education Events

    The Allen ISD Community Education department uses a convenient, mobile-friendly online tool, Eleyo, to register and manage accounts. Follow these directions to set up an account:  

    Setting up or Updating Your Account Profile

    Create your Account Profile

    • Browse to the website: 
    • Create your profile by selecting Sign In (top, right corner).
    • To create a new profile, log in with Facebook or Google

    - or -

    Select Create One Now.

    • When creating an account within the system, you will be required to enter your basic contact information including an email address (used for logging in) and a password. If your email address is recognized, use the Send Forgot Password Email to receive a password set email.
    • Select Manage All Relationships to add family members and emergency contacts. Please make sure you add your child’s age/grade to their profile.

    An email will be sent from Eleyo with a link to verify your account. Use the Verify Your Email Address button on that email address to verify your account.

    Add Family Members and Emergency Contacts

    • If you are not already on the website, browse to and login with your email address and password by selecting the Sign In
    • Select your name in the top right, corner of the screen then select Your Account/Relationships to view your profile.
    • Use the Add a Relationships button to add all family members. Please input your child’s age/grade. When adding a grade for a Pre-K student, select Kindergarten and the year your child will be entering Kindergarten (you may edit this later if needed).
    • Select the Create Person option
    • After you have finished setting up the people associated with your profile, select the house icon link in the top left area of the screen, then select Explore All Programs, then Your Dashboard.
    • On the left, under the Manage Family Members section, use Edit Emergency Contacts button to update that information or add new emergency contacts. In order to prevent creating duplicate users in the system, when adding an emergency contact that is already part of your profile, please search for the name, then select from the list of existing users that are presented.