Requirements for Membership

  • Early in the Spring semester, invitations to apply for membership into NJHS are given to qualifying 7th and 8th grade candidates.  The invitation explains the application process for all of those interested in joining NJHS.  In order to receive an invitation, students must fulfill the following requirements:

    - a 94% average of all classes combined (7th graders - grades averaged from 1st semester of 7th grade; 8th graders - grades averaged from 1st and 2nd semester of 7th grade AND 1st semester of 8th grade)

    - no detentions, Wednesday Schools, Saturday Schools, suspensions, or any other disciplinary incidents


    If you are a NEW Curtis student, and you were inducted into NJHS at your previous school, please email Ms. Dimoulakis at and let her know within three weeks of starting school at Curtis.  Your membership is transferrable, with verification from your previous NJHS advisor.


    Current 8th grade NJHS members will automatically be transferred to Lowery's chapter of NJHS at the beginning of 9th grade.  If you are going to a different school for 9th grade, have your NJHS advisor contact Ms. Dimoulakis to confirm your membership.