• Need tutoring and have questions?

    What is a tutee?

    "Tutee" is a fancy name for the person getting tutored.


    How do I get paired with a tutor?

    After you fill out the application form, you will be paired with a tutor who is knowledgable in your subject and has at least one of your privilege periods.


    Why haven't I been paired with a tutor yet?

    Certain subjects and off periods are in high demand, since our tutors are limited in availability. We regularly check our system for new openings!


    How will I know when I'm paired?

    A matchmaker will text or email you when you've been paired. From there, you will get the tutor's contact information.


    Do I have to pay my tutor?

    No! Eagle Tutors is a free, student-run service.


    Can I receive tutoring at the STEAM Center?

    Tutoring is only available at the AHS campus.



  • Curious about becoming a tutor?

    Is there a minimum grade threshold for being a tutor?

     No, as long as you are confident in your subject.


    What is the time demand for being a tutor?

    It's mostly flexible: you and your paired tutee will decide a schedule, and group tutoring + academic monitoring is on a voluntary basis. 


    How do service hours work?

    Verify your hours with eagletutors123@gmail.com on x2VOL in a timely manner. Remember, tutoring is a commitment that continues after you hit your service hour quota.


    Where do I tutor?

    We offer Peer Tutoring during privilege periods, Academic Monitoring, and the Tutoring Center. 


    What do I do if my tutee does not respond (after multiple attempts) or need tutoring anymore?

    Please reach out to one of our officers or kathleen.vondracek@allenisd.org so that we can get you paired to another tutee.