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Facts & Figures Related To The 2019 Allen ISD Bond Proposition

  • Project Soar Committee

    Project SOAR Facility Study Committee presented findings to Board of Trustees on January 13.

    School Bus Photo

    Purchase of 35 new school buses is part of the bond proposal

    Allen High Ag Barn Photo

    Current Agriculture Science Facility in Lucas will be replaced with a new facility in Allen

     Kerr Computer Lab

    The bond proposal includes $59 million in technology including the purchase of more mobile devices and improvements to school networks to handle the increasing need for computer access

    Lowery Students in Hall Photo

    Allen ISD is proposing $2.7 million in security upgrades and replacements

    Lowery Center Photo

    The last bond proposal presented to voters was in 2015. Among the projects approved by voters was a new Lowery Freshman Center. The school opened this past August.

    STEAM Center Photo

    The new STEAM Center was another project approved by voters in 2015 and completed by the school district in January 2019.


Board Calls May 4 Bond Election

  • The Allen ISD Board of Trustees has approved a bond proposal that would fund a number of school renovations, improvements and upgrades over the next five years.  The $422,800,000 proposal will now be included on the May 4, 2019 ballot for Allen ISD voters to consider.  If approved, the sale of bonds would not increase the existing Allen ISD debt service tax rate.

    The proposal originated from the Allen ISD Project SOAR Facilities Committee. The citizen’s committee was formed by the Board in October 2018 to review the school district’s current and future facility needs. Committee chairs Rev. Todd Harris and Bill Savage outlined the recommendations in a presentation to the Board on January 23. 

    The committee used as its guide, the school district’s commitment to provide state of the art facilities; ensure all campuses are furnished equitably; and give all students learning tools and environments that prepare them to thrive in a changing world.

Bond Proposition Details

  • Projects and initiatives included in the May 4 bond proposal include:

    New Construction – Allen HS Agricultural Science Center ($11,568,000)

    Build a new Agricultural Science Center on Greenville Avenue on land south of Ridgemont Drive to replace the 40-year-old facility in Lucas.

    Campus Life Cycle Renovations ($342,412,000)

    Allen ISD has sought to upgrade and renovate campuses on a 15 to 17 year cycle.  The committee recommended that the district continue that renovation schedule. Campuses that would need renovation between 2020 and 2025 would include: Boon Elementary, Chandler Elementary, Evans Elementary, Olson Elementary and Cheatham Elementary; Curtis and Ereckson Middle Schools; the AHS Athletic facility, additional portions of Allen High School and portions of the AISD Administration Building.

    Track resurfacing at AHS Track Stadium & Lowery Stadium

    Shade structure and upgrades to AHS tennis facility

    Shade structures at AHS baseball and softball facilities

    Turf replacement at Eagle Stadium, Lowery & Curtis Stadiums

    Transportation ($6,233,000)

    Purchase 35 new school buses (phased over a 5-year period)

    Additional communications (radio), maintenance and safety equipment

    Safe and Secure Schools  ($2,787,000)

    Installation of safety doors, secure window frames, upgrades to building access control systems and security camera systems

    Technology  ($59,800,000)

    Expansion of the wide area network (WAN)

    Upgrades to campus and classroom technology to increase accessibility and improve speed and quality

    Upgrades to classroom multimedia technology

    Implement a mobile device purchase and replacement system to place more mobile devices in the hands of students and teachers


    Want more detail?  View our detailed summary of the bond projects here.

2019 Bond Project Summary