Promotion & Award Requests

  • Promotions are pretty simple, but the process begins with you. Here's how it works: 

    Fill out the Personnel Action Request (PAR) and request to be promoted.  Your Company Commander and First Sergeant will receive your request and immediately schedule you for the appropriate level promotion exam. Once you have completed the exam, your Company Commander and First Sergeant will record your exam score along with their recommendation, and forward the form your Battalion Commander and Sergeant Major. They will put their recommendations on the form and forward it to the Regimental Commander who will do the same before forwarding it to the Instructors. The instructors will make the final decision on all promotions.

  • Awards work basically the same way. If you feel that you meet the requirments to wear a certain award, simply fill out the PAR in the same way you would do for a promotion request, and you Chain of Command will take care of the rest.