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    Multiplication Practice
    “Phalange Factors”

    Fingers = Factors

    Palm = Product

    The ground and the den –

    You count by 10.

    Up in the sky –

    You multiply.

    Number fingers on both hands with the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9. Put 6 on the pinkies, then go in order until 9 is on the pointer fingers. Place your hands so your palms are facing you with the pinkies down. Touch fingers – one from each hand – that you want to multiply. Say the poem above to figure out the product. The ground is the straight line formed with the 2 fingers that are touching – the den represents the fingers below the ground. Count those fingers by 10. Now multiply the fingers above the ground – left hand times right hand. Add together to get the final product.

    Enjoy this with your child. This is just another fun way to practice those multiplication facts on the homework calendar.