• 2018-2019 Educational Grant Awards

    Counseling Grants

    Allen High School - Destination Wings (Kristy Dozier)

    Chandler Elementary - Chatting Cheetahs (Shayne Williams, Erica Ahedo)

    Chandler Elementary - Keep the Leaders Growing in Allen ISD (Chandler: Tiffany Betterton, Jennifer Spriggs, Brandon Howell, Blake Pi - Boyd: Wendy Williams, Liz Michelena, Chinar Fatta, Gina Venghaus, John Lanie - Marion: Samantha Fields - Olson: Jillian Sims, Jason Klotz - Reed: Christi Stinchcomb - Rountree: Jamee Arrington, Alysha Huseman, DeAnn Ekdom, Nikki Duncan, Bryan Crowson, Harold Allen  Preston: Jenny Armentrout, Nicki Hans, Justin Preston, Brandon Coston, Solomon Boatfield, Clint Gebhardt - Curtis: Daniel Paxton, Julian Calabria, Nate West, JonMark Preston, Leanna Biddle, Kathleen Calabria, Claire Bernhard, Lisa Phillips, Erin Hollon, Nikki Bradrick-Files - Ereckson: Paul Harper,  Jennifer Hill, Tanishia McDonald - Ford: Theresa Taylor, Natasha Hinton, Sarah Ford, Chris Koder, Nathan Payne, Taylor)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Group Counseling for At-Risk Students (Jamie Sarten)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Growing Teachers for Diverse Learners (Kenyatta Farmer, Carrie Rivera)

    Rountree Elementary - Good Morning, Rountree (Shelley Privett)

    Story Elementary - Falcon Future Leaders (Stacey Thomas, Kimberly Richardson)

    English as a Second Language Grants

    Evans Elementary - Learn English with Imagine Learning (Keri Laney)

    Story Elementary - Future Falcons Storytime (Kimberly Richardson)

    English/Language Arts Grants

    Anderson Elementary - Picture Books Close the Gap (Jennifer Valliere)

    Anderson Elementary - Renewing Readers - Literacy Library Update (Lisa Hayden, Beth Miller)

    Anderson Elementary - Stepping Outside of Stories- Building Our Nonfiction Reading Skills (Maloree Tennison)

    Anderson Elementary - Supplements For Safari (Lisa Hayden, Beth Miller)

    Bolin Elementary - Bean Bags (Roya Azimi)

    Bolin Elementary - Blazers' Book Club Refresh (Emily Barrett)

    Bolin Elementary - Treasure of Books (Jill Jaska, Lisa Waldbauer)

    Bolin Elementary - Bolin Blazer Book Club (Christie Barrick, Kimberley Richardson)

    Boyd Elementary - Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader (Karen Boyle, Christina Corral, Gina Venghaus, Laura Duarte, Tammy Dykes, Jennifer Hill)

    Boyd Elementary - Building The Bridges of Biliteracy: Spanish Reading in a Dual Language Classroom (Laura Soto, Gilda Michelena)

    Cheatham Elementary - Nonfiction Reading Fun (Jessica Fandrick, Julie Georgas)

    Curtis Middle School - Finding Your Hero's Journey: Starting in Curtis Middle School (Brenda Hawkins, Morgan LeFevre/Ford)

    District - ALLen Reads (Brenda Hawkins)

    District - Hands-On Sentence Creation! (Kara Janasek)

    Evans Elementary - Eyes on Nonfiction (Mary Anne Davis, Catherine Burk, Donna Swenson, Jennifer Whitcomb, Amber Clark)

    Ford Middle School - Finding Your Hero's Journey: Starting in Ford Middle School (Morgan Lefevre)

    Green Elementary - Exploring News We Can Use (Christine Love, Tamara Huffman, Kathi Dishong, Madison Roberts)

    Lindsey Elementary - Round it Up with Literature (Jennifer Smith, Ashley Barnes)

    Lindsey Elementary - Lunch Bunch Book Clubs (Heather Janek)

    Lindsey Elementary - We Are Authors (Heather Janek)

    Lindsey Elementary - Moving while Learning (Jennifer Smith, Connie Beaney)

    Marion Elementary - We Can Explore With Nonfiction (Bethany McIntyre, Jennifer Wright, Sydney Sheff, Amanda Cleveland)

    Olson Elementary - Learning through Non-fiction books (Samantha Shuttleworth, Cathy Wilson, Chris Dahl, Robyn Thompson)

    Olson Elementary - Putting It in the Hands of Students (Maloree Tennison)

    Olson Elementary - Exploring the World Through Nonfiction Texts (Courtney Tinch, Bree Landers, Kathy Pliler, Tracy Turner, Katie      Pownell)

    Preston Elementary - Books for Literature Circles and Book Clubs (Renee Nelson, Julie Latos)

    Preston Elementary - Roar Reading Cafe (Robynn Moore)

    Preston Elementary - News We Can Use! (Amy McCullough)

    Preston Elementary - Creating a Community of Readers (Christyn Carriere, Lisa Jones, Erin Royster, Carla Icenhower)

    Preston Elementary - Leveled Library Book Kits (Andrea Jackson, Jamye Hall, Karley Morton, Jenna Albright)

    Preston Elementary - Taking Reading to Another Level! (Amy McCullough)

    Reed Elementary - Sharing with the Allen Reads Program (Amy Williams, Shelley Privett/Rountree, Michelle Oeltjen/Boyd)

    Rountree Elementary - Window to the World (Shelley Privett)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Reads (Shelley Privett)

    Story Elementary - Interactive Intervention (Christie Barrick, Kimberly Richardson)

    Story Elementary - Tools to Enhance our Writing (Christina Raecher, Christie Barrick)

    Story Elementary - Story Book Club (Kimberly Richardson)

    Story Elementary - Summer Reading Book Club (Christie Barrick, Kimberley Richardson)

    Vaughan Elementary - In the Know! (Melissa Dreher, Danielle Ganze)

    Vaughan Elementary - Fantasy Book Clubs (Melissa Dreher, Danielle Ganze)

    Vaughan Elementary - Viking Summer Reading Program (Aimee Hilton, Susan Beazley)

    Fine Arts Grants

    Allen High School - Scene Shop Safety (Carrie Howell, Renee Harris)

    Cheatham Elementary - 3D Art Studio Stations (Lisa Bouma)

    Ford Middle School - Theatrical Tool Titans (Alison Kingwell, MaryClaire March)

    Marion Elementary - Purposeful Pathways: The Road to Music Literacy (Shelly Diana)

    Foreign Language Grants

    Allen High School - Mit Allen tanzen und spielen (Beth Raeder, Shelby Cleveland)

    Boyd Elementary - Sister School (Laura Soto, Jacqueline Ornelas)

    Gifted & Talented Grants

    Chandler Elementary - From Play-Doh to Plato (Diane Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary - Teaching RESPECT with Scholastic News Magazines (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary - High Touch High Tech Science Field Trip (Karri Decker)

    Math Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Math Manipulatives (Kristi Whatley)

    Boyd Elementary - STEMindset:  Building the Foundation for STEM learning in First Grade (Heather Chavez, Ivone Cantoran)

    Boyd Elementary - Concrete to Abstract: Learning Math with Manipulatives (Denisse Rayas, Maridee Ryan, Christina Dmytrus, Chinar Fattah, Tammy Smith, Dora Hawkins)

    Chandler Elementary - Math GPS: A Road Map to Success (Teri Stepanic, Jenna McGrath)

    Cheatham Elementary - No Vertical Limits (Carin Engelbert)

    Curtis Middle School - Verify It! (Catherine Stolarski)

    Dillard Special Achievement Center - Hearing to Help (Jill Roecker)

    Evans Elementary - Linking Literacy to Math (Katie Tsutsumi, Erica Butler)

    Kerr Elementary - Math is FUNctional! (Regena Bell)

    Lindsey Elementary - Math GPS - Giving Students Daily Direction in Mathematics (Holly May)

    Olson Elementary - STEMtastic! (Brad Balgemann)

    Olson Elementary - MakerSchool- Growing an Idea that Grows Students (Brenda Fee, Mavi Dean)

    Preston Elementary - Math GPS Readiness Kit (Valarie Cole)

    Reed Elementary - Numicon Number Shapes and Pegs (Donna Esfandiari)

    Reed Elementary - Hitting the Mark: Targeted Instruction in Math (Jennifer Dingler, Yareliss Ferrill)

    Reed Elementary - Enterprise City Field Trip (Sabrina Passanante, Shannon Hullum, Reagan Reeves, Tanya Johanson)

    Rountree Elementary - Games for Engagement (Kathryn Sasso)

    Story Elementary - What's in your Math Toolbox? (Meghan Gable)

    Story Elementary - On the Right Track! (Trish Jarboe)

    Story Elementary - Math and Reading: Let's Get Integrated (Kristi Kellum)

    Physical Education Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Marathon Mania! (Stacy Palmertree)

    Bolin Elementary - Mats Matter (Stacy Palmertree)

    Green Elementary - 'Wave Your Hands in the Air for Nine Square in the Air' (Rebecca Stamey, Karen Fetner/Evans, Lisa Yost/Kerr, Karen Gravley/Kerr, Billy Tanksley/Boon)

    Lindsey Elementary - Outdoor Fun (Connie Beaney, Eva Elmaalouf)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Running Club (Nikki Duncan)

    Rountree Elementary - Building Teams in PE (Gena Flemmer)

    Science Grants

    Allen High School - Project Stoichiometry (Melissa Davis)

    Allen High School - Ballistics in Forensic Science (Tara Allgood, Darren Hayes)

    Allen High School - Making Molecular Processes Visible (Lee Ferguson)

    Allen High School - High Resolution WiFi Cameras to View, Capture, and Edit Microscopic Images (Benjamin Wilkinson)

    Allen High School - The Powers of Spectrometry! (Sandra Lee)

    Allen High School - Rollercoasters Make Physics Fun (Sara Holloway, Sadaf Mistry, Rodney Hainline, Connie Taylor, Benjamin Wilkinson)

    Anderson Elementary - Anderson's Mobile Cookery (Becky Purdue)

    Anderson Elementary - We DO Science In Guided Reading (Patricia Bachellor)

    Bolin Elementary - Science on the Move (Iris Seria)

    Bolin Elementary - STEAM Hour (Breanna Daniels, Sonja Louis)

    Bolin Elementary - STEAM Friday Engineering Connections (Emily Barrett)

    Cheatham Elemenary - Makerspace: Cultivating Innovation (Amy Gamble)

    Curtis Middle School - Coasting To Success! (Rob Burke)

    District - Makers in the Middle (Abby Hobart, Kay Hawkins/Curtis, Laura Mason/Ereckson, Morgan LeFevre/Ford)

    Ereckson Middle School - 3D Printers for STEM (Graham Gadd, Wes Byers)

    Ereckson Middle School - Building Future Creators and Innovators (Laura Mason, Wes Byers, Laurie Merrick)

    Ford Middle School - Newtonian LOVE! (MaryClaire March)

    Green Elementary - Lead With Science (Pamela Churchill)

    Kerr Elementary - Hands On and FULL SPEED AHEAD! (Mary Interrante)

    Marion Elementary - Makey Makey 2.0 (Debbie Bellando)

    Marion Elementary - STEAM Buddies (Brooke Cherry, Courtney Halpin)

    Norton Elementary - Sieve (Tricia Dobson)

    Olson Elementary - Force and Energy It's a Snap! (Katy Ricken)

    Olson Elementary - Bringing World Class Experts into the Classroom (Brenda Fee, Terry Rains, Julie McGary, Beth Wininger, Cinda Smith, Diane Moore, Karri Decker, Jackie Zander, Carrie Sledge, Ashley Weller, Leslie Janek, Jillian Hubbard, Karen Szeryk, Karen Abney, Katie Lassester, Vanessa Norman, Kim Lang)

    Preston Elementary - ScienceSaurus Student Handbooks (Valarie Cole)

    Social Studies Grants

    Allen High School - IB/AP Psychology Field Trip to Terrell State Hospital (Karen Hunnicutt)

    Marion Elementary - Cultivating a Community of Culturally Diverse Minds (Samantha Fields, Kristin Elliott, Jennifer Kalinec, Liz Todd)

    Preston Elementary - Breakout EDU- Taking Student Engagement to the Next Level (Renee Nelson, Julie Latos)

    Rountree Elementary - Active Allen Citizens! (Mary Fields, Christyn Guy, Katie Sasso)

    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School - Unified Robotics (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Allen High School - Eagle Creations (Jessica Jones)

    Allen High School - Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Chandler Elementary - I Can Hear It Now! (Shayne Williams, Erica Ahedo)

    Chandler Elementary - Wiggle and Learn (Erica Ahedo)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Generalizing Skills: From Classroom to the Workplace (Stormy Scott)

    Olson Elementary - I Can See Clearly Now... (Patricia Reyna)

    Preston Elementary - Sensory for Success (Tawana Rhodes, Paula Stockwell)

    Reed Elementary - Wobble Chairs in the DEAR Classroom (Antoinette Tillinghast)

    Vaughan Elementary - Special Education LLI Kit (Sarah Yonts, Alysen White, Kimberly Thomas)