• 2019-2020 Educational Grant Awards

    Counseling Grants

    Chandler Elementary - Empowered Leaders 2019-2020 (Tiffany Betterton)

    Lindsey Elementary - Lights, Camera, Action! (Heather Janek)

    Marion Elementary - Kindness Matters (Brooke Cherry)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Volunteer Program (Beth Bentley)

    Rountree Elementary - Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus! (Brittany Martinez)

    Story Elementary - Falcon Upcoming Leaders (Stacey Thomas)

    Vaughan Elementary - There's a Book for That! Vaughan Vikings Enhancing… (Sandra Moffett)


    English as a Second Language Grants

    Green Elementary - Mega Mondo Phonics! (Kendel Srader)


    English/Language Arts Grants

    District - Growing Readers through Classroom Libraries (Brittany Castillo)

    Bolin Elementary - 4th Grade Classrooms' Book Clubs (Roya Azimi)

    Bolin Elementary - Series in Second (Emily Barrett)

    Boon Elementary - Scholastic Magazines to Soar into Learning! (Lori Wendt)

    Boyd Elementary - The Power of Listening (Michelle Oeltjen)

    Boyd Elementary - MakerSpace Literacy (Michelle Oeltjen)

    Boyd Elementary - Let's Get Creative: Makerspace Style (Michelle Oeltjen)

    Boyd Elementary - Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader (Gina Venghaus)

    Chandler Elementary - Leveled Literacy Intervention (Jennifer Capehart)

    Ford Middle School - Voice and Choice for Learning (Christy Boyce)

    Kerr Elementary - A Book Tasting: Nonfiction Book Clubs (Melissa Foote)

    Lindsey Elementary - LET'S READ TOGETHER! (Heather Janek)

    Lindsey Elementary - Let's Write Together! (Heather Janek)

    Lindsey Elementary - Reading Reaction with Scope (Jennifer Smith)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Student-Led Book Clubs (Jessica Obado)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Teen Readers Power of Choice (Angelyn Pham)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Author Enhanced Experience (Victoria Tong)

    Olson Elementary - The 'Write' Books for Cross Curriculum Writing (Shaunda Douglas)

    Olson Elementary - Connecting Families through Pages (Courtney Tinch)

    Preston Elementary - Classroom Book Clubs! (Amy McCullough)

    Preston Elementary - Exploring Nonfiction (Karley Morton)

    Reed Elementary - High Interest Books for lower Level Readers (Theresa Coffey)

    Reed Elementary - Reader Pens for Dyslexia/Reading Difficulties (Tamala Everett)

    Reed Elementary - Graphic Novel Mania (Amy Williams)

    Rountree Elementary - From the Page to the Stage (Patricia Gear)

    Rountree Elementary - MakerSpace: Bee-Bots (Shelley Privett)

    Rountree Elementary - Beyond the Page and to the Stage (Angelita Tranka)

    Story Elementary - Interactive Intervention (Christie Barrick)

    Story Elementary - Story Falcon Summer Book Club (Christie Barrick)

    Story Elementary - Tools to Enhance Writing (Christina Raecher)

    Story Elementary - Future Falcon Storytime (Kimberly Richardson)

    Story Elementary - Educate, Captivate, and Connect: A Story and Preston Collaboration (Kimberly Richardson)

    Story Elementary - Flexibility in Learning (Lyndsey Wood)

    Vaughan Elementary - I See Me (Susan Beazley)

    Vaughan Elementary - The Power of Nonfiction (Lindsay Domenico)

    Vaughan Elementary - In the Know (Melissa Dreher)

    Vaughan Elementary - Safari Encyclofacts (Aimee Hilton)


    Fine Arts Grants


    District - Teacher Continuing Education (Jeff Turner)

    Allen High School - Access for Everyone: Effective Critique in the Art Classroom (Sarah Arago)

    Olson Elementary - Tuning Fine Motors Skills (Souksanit Manes)

    Preston Elementary - Instruments for All! (Jennifer Bush)

    Reed Elementary - Art Innovation Creation Station (Brandye Barron)

    Reed Elementary - The Gameplan Curriculm for Music Education (Destiny Cookus)


    Foreign Language Grants


    Boyd Elementary - Sister School (Laura Soto)


    Gifted & Talented Grants

    Anderson Elementary - Inspire Life Long Learning through Lego Education (Terry Rains)

    Bolin Elementary - We are SEW creative! (Julie McGary)

    Chandler Elementary - Engineering the Design Process (Pamela Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary - Art in History - Terra Cotta Warriors (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary - Full STEAM Ahead! (Karri Decker)

    Preston Elementary - Wonder Workshop (Karen Abney)

    Vaughan Elementary - Hexbugs: The only bugs you WANT in your classroom! (Jennifer Relle)


    Math Grants

    Anderson Elementary - Versatility Through VersaTiles (Beth Miller)

    Anderson Elementary - Just Give Me the Facts: The Key to Mathematical Thinking (Michelle Stewart)

    Bolin Elementary - Math on the Move (Elizabeth Yearwood)

    Ereckson Middle School - Hands-On Equations (Amanda Passmore)

    Ereckson Middle School - Building Math Muscle Through Reading for Relevancy and Gaming (Therese Tracey)

    Evans Elementary - Engaging Math Games (Katie Tsutsumi)

    Marion Elementary - Box of Facts (Rhonda Bernard)

    Marion Elementary - The Rods Have It! (Kaley Janes)

    Marion Elementary - Daily Math Fluency (Ashly Villalobos)

    Olson Elementary - Literature in Math (Chris Dahl)

    Preston Elementary - FUNdamental Small Math Groups! (Lisa Jones)

    Reed Elementary - Box of Facts! (Rhonda Bernard)

    Reed Elementary - Numicon Numbers (Donna Esfandiari)

    Reed Elementary - The Rods Have It! (Yareliss Ferrill)

    Reed Elementary - Hands on Equations (Shannon Hullum)

    Story Elementary - Empower students through hands on centers (Meghan Gable)

    Story Elementary - Interactive Math Intervention (Kristi Kellum)


    Physical Education Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Mats Matter! (Stacy Palmertree)

    Bolin Elementary - Pickleball Palooza! (Stacy Palmertree)

    Curtis Middle School - 'BUILD IT, AND WE WILL LEARN' - Cricket Fest (Leslie Wilbanks)

    Curtis Middle School - Scooter Palooza (Leslie Wilbanks)

    Lindsey Elementary - Gymnastics for All (Constance Beaney)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Runners (Nichole Duncan)


    Pre-K Grants

    Rountree Elementary - Pre-K, Let's Find Out with Scholastic (Ruby Dalton)

    Rountree Elementary - Rockin' in my school chair (Adrienne Beggs)


    Science Grants

    AHS STEAM Center - Here Fishy Fishy (Melissa Kelly)

    Allen High School - Forensic Osteology at Allen High School (Tara Allgood)

    Allen High School - Improving Accuracy Of Measurement In Ballistics and Entomology (Darren Hayes)

    Allen High School - Effects Of Blood Alcohol Concentration On The Body (Darren Hayes)

    Allen High School - Who Did it? Efficiently Reporting Evidence in Forensics (Darren Hayes)

    Allen High School - REDOX Reactions are Everywhere (Sandy Lee)

    Allen High School - Conductivity is a Chemistry Thing Too! (Sandy Lee)

    Allen High School - Vernier Senors & Probes for the Study of Physiology and Pathophysiology (Benjamin Wilkinson)

    Anderson Elementary - Growing Anderson All-Stars (Rebecca Beane Perdue)

    Anderson Elementary - Sprouting Stars Hydroponic Garden (Rebecca Beane Perdue)

    Anderson Elementary - To STEAMfinity and BEYOND! (Christina Oonk)

    Bolin Elementary - Hands On Science Centers in Second (Emily Barrett)

    Bolin Elementary - Bolin's Robotics Club (Allyson Kennaugh)

    Bolin Elementary - Hands On Science (Brandi Pernisi)

    Bolin Elementary - Science on the Move (continued) (Iris Seria)

    Boon Elementary - Positive Change Initiative (Clarissa Mitchell)

    Curtis Middle School - Speed, seasons, and heat...OH MY! (Randall Mobley)

    Curtis Middle School - Dichotomous Key Activity (Nathaniel West)

    Ereckson Middle School - Virtual Reality Headsets for Science (Graham Gadd)

    Ford Middle School - Atomic Madness!! (Mary Claire March)

    Ford Middle School - Star Gazers Unite! (Mary Claire March)

    Kerr Elementary - Mind Blowing Science! (Regena Bell)

    Kerr Elementary - Read All About It (Katherine Drury)

    Lindsey Elementary - All Hands on Science! (Cherry Ertsos)

    Reed Elementary - Live Owls for Reed Owls (Barbara Dill)

    Reed Elementary - Can't Stop, Won't Stop, BrainPOP! 4-6 (Tanya Johanson)

    Reed Elementary - Reed Grade 5: Skins and Skulls (Christi Stinchcomb)

    Rountree Elementary - Adaptation Extravaganza (Cristen Allen)

    Rountree Elementary - Rock Your World! (Cristen Allen)

    Rountree Elementary - Plants are Alive! (Katie Massey)

    Rountree Elementary - Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to CAMP we go! (Paige Zettler)

    Story Elementary - It's All About Science! (Kristi Kellum)


    Social Studies Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Culturally Alive! (Pam Engel)

    Ereckson Middle School - US History - Early Republic 'Museum in a Box' (Amy Morris)

    Lowery Freshman Center - See the World in Virtual Reality (Michelle Ramirez)

    Marion Elementary - Cultivating a Community of Diverse Minds (Samantha Fields)

    Rountree Elementary - A Trip Back In Time (Christyn Guy)


    Special Education Grants

    AHS STEAM Center - Bus transportation for Unified Robotics (Greg Burnham)

    Allen High School - Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Allen High School - Catching the Learning Wave: Individualizing learning … (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Allen High School - Unified Robotics (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Allen High School - Eagle Creations (Amanda Maxwell)

    Allen High School - Tech 4 All (Amanda Maxwell)

    Anderson Elementary - Social Skills for Super Star Students (Justine Lambert)

    Boon Elementary - Leap Frog Your Way to Learning! (Steve Dewitt)

    Chandler Elementary - Ready, Set, Cook! (Blake Pi)

    Curtis Middle School - Activities that help students with limited movement explore… (Julie Rahn)

    Curtis Middle School - Cooking Class: Building Vocational and Social Skills (Zorica Trifkovic)

    Lindsey Elementary - Special Education TouchMath (Kelsey Kuster)

    Olson Elementary - Let's Switch Our Senses On! (Sandy Cervantes)

    Olson Elementary - I Can See Clearly Now, part 2 (Patricia Reyna)

    Reed Elementary - Active Learning Classroom Tools (Antoinette Tillinghast)